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Robertson supports bill to allow electronic vehicle registration


Like any piece of paper, vehicle registration certificates can be easily lost or misplaced.

I recently supported a bill that allows a motorist to show law enforcement an electronic copy or digital photograph of their registration certificate on their cell phone or other mobile device during a traffic stop. Michigan law already allows drivers to use their smartphones to show electronic proof of insurance when they are pulled over.

The legislation is a logical extension of current law and just makes good sense with the increasing use of technology in our daily lives.


Robertson backs legislation to reform election recount fee


After last year’s presidential election, a candidate petitioned for a statewide recount despite receiving only 1.07 percent of the vote in Michigan. While the courts stopped the recount before it was completed, many local governments were concerned that the actual costs of the process, including costs for rent, overtime, travel and security, were exceeding their reimbursement from the recount fee.

I supported legislation that would increase this fee if a candidate lost an election by over 5 percent of the vote. The bill would increase the fee from $125 per precinct to $250 at that margin and remain at $125 if the margin was 5 percent or less and at $25 if the margin was within 0.5 percent of the winner.

The proposed reform protects the right of a candidate to pursue a recount yet protects taxpayers as well. A candidate who loses an election by a significant amount of the vote and wants a recount should be responsible for the actual costs.

Senate Bill 290 has been sent to the House for consideration.


Think Christmas in July


The search is underway to find the 2017 state Christmas Tree! The tree will be displayed in front of the Michigan Capitol building and featured as part of Lansing’s holiday festivities.

In the last 30 years, trees have come from locations across the state — from private yards to public land near highways and forests. To be considered, a tree must be a spruce or fir, at least 55 feet tall, within easy access of a road with no interference from wires and available at no cost.

Nominations are requested by July 30, 2017. Anyone nominating a tree should send their name, phone number, a photo of the tree and information about its size and location to

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