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Robertson supports bills to prepare students for success

Many high-paying and essential jobs in Michigan are in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math - the STEM fields. Yet many of these positions remain unfilled.

An increased focus on STEM education will better prepare our students for success in these highly skilled areas. I recently supported legislation that would allow a student to receive a STEM endorsement on his or her high school diploma and transcript by meeting additional requirements in science and math and taking coursework involving technology and engineering activities.

A STEM endorsement will set our students apart as they pursue their educational or career opportunities. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are projected to be more than 250,000 STEM-related jobs in the state in the next few years.

Senate Bills 169 and 170 have been sent to the House for consideration.

Robertson backs bill to protect rights of active-duty military parents

Our servicemen and women shouldn't have to worry about retaining their custody rights while serving our country overseas.

I recently supported legislation to make sure that active military parents are not punished for not appearing in court over custody disputes while serving overseas. Senate Bill 9 would mandate that-unless the best interests of the child are being violated-the court shall not modify the current custody order if one of the parties has filed a motion of stay under the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

The legislation was introduced after a Michigan judge held a service member in contempt of court and ordered his arrest after failing to appear in court for a custody hearing, even though he was on duty aboard a submarine in the Pacific Ocean!

The legislation awaits consideration in the Michigan House.

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