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Robertson supports bills to ban use of drones to harass hunters or take game

Generations of sportsmen and women have enjoyed hunting in Michigan's great outdoors.

I recently supported legislation that would prevent others from interfering with our hunting heritage and uphold the integrity of the sport. Senate Bills 54 and 55 would ban the use of unmanned aerial vehicles-or drones-from being used to harass hunters or to take game. The measures ensure "fair chase" hunting practices and protect hunters from stalking or harassment.

The bills have been sent to the House for consideration.

March is Reading Month

While it's a digital world, reading well is still the foundation for success in school and in life.

During March is Reading Month, young children and elementary students across Michigan and the country celebrate the importance of reading. I look forward to visiting schools in my district as a guest reader to join in the fun! On my visits, I bring along special bookmarks to encourage the reading habit. Please let me know if you would like bookmarks for your classroom or family.

Michigan's 2014 hunt season-the safest on record!

For the first time, Michigan recorded no fatalities during all hunting seasons last year.

There were 10 injury incidents reported for the year and that tied with 2013 for the fewest number of incidents since the state started tracking them in the 1940s. With nearly 730,000 base licenses sold in 2014, the injury/fatality rate per license is .001 percent.

Law enforcement officials credit the state's hunter education as an important factor in the low number of hunting incidents. Find more information at under Law Enforcement Reports.

State of the Great Lakes report released

What would Michigan be without our magnificent Great Lakes? The big waters are vital to our economy and outdoor heritage, our very way of life.

The recently released 2014 Michigan State of the Great Lakes Report highlights some of the priorities and issues affecting the lakes and coastal areas. Access the document at and type in the key words State of the Great Lakes Report 2014.