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Robertson backs new law to protect students


School should be a safe place for students to learn.

I recently supported Senate legislation—now law—to continue a school safety program that helps prevent tragedies before they happen. Public Act 100 of 2017 (Senate Bill 267) extends the OK2SAY program until Oct. 1, 2021. The program encourages students to anonymously report threats to trained authorities without fear of retaliation. Students can access the 24-hour confidential OK2SAY hotline via mobile text, phone, email and by its website and mobile app.

The prevention-based program has been effective in helping protect students. Since September 2014, more than 7,800 tips have been reported, including tips on bullying, suicide threats, violence and self-harm. Find more information at


“In Memory Of” program recognizes Michigan families of Vietnam era

Vietnam Era Veterans

The families of those who serve our country make great sacrifices, especially during times of war.

The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration offers a new program to recognize the families who have given so much. The “In Memory Of” program honors immediate family members (parents, spouse, children and siblings) of a veteran listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. with a certificate of honor and lapel pin. It’s an important way to honor their support and sacrifice.

Family members may contact my office for more information.


Free ORV weekend


Michigan residents and visitors have a unique opportunity to explore Pure Michigan during the Free ORV Weekend on Aug. 19-20. ORV enthusiasts can ride DNR-designated routes and trails, including the state’s five scramble areas, without an ORV license or trail permit. All ORV rules and laws still apply.

For more information, including ORV trail maps, a list of ORV-friendly state parks and campgrounds, and a link to the Handbook of Michigan Off-Road Vehicle Laws visit


New invasive found in Michigan


The DNR recently reported the discovery of live, non-native red swamp crayfish in two separate areas in Michigan. This invasive presents a serious concern as it competes aggressively with native crayfish species for food and habitat, and can cause damage to infrastructure such as dams, levees and personal property.

Investigators aren’t sure how the crayfish ended up here but as a prohibited species in Michigan, it is unlawful to possess, import or sell them as a live organism. Aquarium hobbyists are also reminded that the release of fish or other aquatic animals into public waterbodies is illegal. For more information about red swamp crayfish and other invasive species, visit

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