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Senate bills secure schools and protect rights of residents

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Currently in Michigan, concealed pistol license holders can open carry a gun into areas such as schools and churches.

I recently supported legislation that would eliminate the open carry option and allow people who have an enhanced license that includes additional training requirements to carry a concealed weapon instead. This reform closes the open carry loophole to ensure our schools are secure and activities are not disrupted by the sight of a firearm while honoring the rights of people to defend themselves. In addition, the legislation creates one unified, statewide policy, although school districts may create their own rules for teachers and students.

Senate Bills 584-586 have been sent to the House for consideration.




The Department of Natural Resources is offering free entry to Michigan state parks on Nov. 24, the day after Thanksgiving. Free access to state parks, trails and boating sites is just one more reason to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Michigan’s outdoor playground is spectacular and close to home. In fact, you’re never more than a half-hour away from a state park, recreation area, state forest campground or state trail!


MI Student Aid offers scholarship search


Many high school students and their parents are looking for ways to help pay for a college education. The Department of Treasury’s MI Student Aid program provides a scholarship search tool that connects students with thousands of possible scholarship opportunities throughout the state. Students or their families can complete and submit a brief online survey at Service representatives will search for Michigan scholarships and email a detailed report within a week. Along with Michigan place-based scholarships, the program connects students to Michigan college and national scholarship opportunities.


Invasive Carp Challenge receives hundreds of possible solutions

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Invasive carp pose a looming threat to the environmental health of the Great Lakes and Michigan’s fishing, boating and recreation industries.

A worldwide competition launched by the state for ideas to help stop these invasive fish from reaching the lakes recently ended. The Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge received 353 entries from 27 countries. The entries will be reviewed by expert judges. Winners of up to eight Stage 1 awards will be announced in February 2018. From there, an event featuring Stage 2 finalists is planned to take place in late March 2018.

Earlier this year, a 28-inch silver carp was caught only nine miles from Lake Michigan, well past an electric barrier system. Hopefully, one or more of the Challenge ideas will provide a new and innovative way to protect our cherished Great Lakes. Visit for more information.

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