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Senator Dave Robertson District Email Newsletter

Robertson backs bill to protect children

When carelessness could turn to tragedy, it’s important to help those who step in to make the difference.

I recently supported legislation to grant immunity from civil liability to Good Samaritans who forcefully enter a car to rescue a child or pet trapped in an emergency situation. Under Senate Bill 566, someone who breaks a car window to save the life of a child or animal can’t be sued for doing so.

To receive civil immunity, a person must believe that the child or animal is in imminent danger if not removed from the car and there is no other way to safely rescue them. In addition, the individual must contact law enforcement, place a notice on the car’s windshield and stay with the child or animal in a safe location.

Sadly, since 1998, ten Michigan children and numerous animals have died of heatstroke while locked in a car. The bill has been sent to the House for consideration.


Entrepreneurs: Register for free events

Many people dream about being their own boss. Budding entrepreneurs can find information about starting their own business by participating in upcoming webinars and seminars offered by the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

The webinars will be held on Wednesdays from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. and include the following topics:

March 2 - Federal crowdfunding rules and Michigan intrastate crowdfunding
March 16 - Regulation D
March 30 - Regulation A+ and other exemptions
April 13 - Legal and structural basics: key formation and often overlooked issues
April 27 - Funding your new company
May 11 - How to stay of out of trouble while raising money

To register for a webinar, visit


Michigan’s forest health

Forest Health

Michigan has more forest land than any other state in the Northeast or Midwest. In fact, forest land accounts for 53 percent of land in the state. Forests not only add to the natural beauty of Pure Michigan, they are a vital economic resource as well, playing a key role in the state’s recreation, tourism and forest products industries. For an overview of Michigan’s forests, and their insect and disease threats, access the 2015 Forest Health Highlights report at

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