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Senate bill set to improve state's recycling programs

Michigan consumers return more than 90 percent of their bottles and cans! Yet, the state residential recycling rate of other products such as glass, paper, plastics and metals lags behind most other states.

I supported Senate legislation — recently signed into law — that strengthens Michigan's guidelines for recycling reporting. Public Act 55 of 2016 creates a data reporting system to help calculate the recycling rate. This will make it easier to measure progress and put Michigan in a position to increase participation in programs that keep recyclable waste out of our landfills.

In 2014, Gov. Snyder announced a statewide plan to increase residential recycling with the goal of reducing pressure on landfills, creating jobs and opening markets for recovered materials.


Michigan recognized for spending transparency

Taxpayers deserve to know how their tax dollars are spent.

Michigan's efforts to make its spending more transparent to taxpayers earned the state a top grade in the U.S. Public Interest Research Group's annual Following the Money 2016 report. In fact, Michigan was cited as the most improved state this year with a score of 100, up from a score of 87 in 2015. The state was one of only five states in the nation to receive a grade of A+.


License plate helps Michigan veterans

  Support Michigan Veterans Plates

May is Military Appreciation Month and a good time to remind motorists about the new Support Michigan Veterans specialty fundraising license plate.

Revenue from sales of the license plate will be distributed by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency to support efforts that benefit Michigan veterans and their families, including funding for county and local veterans’ organizations and tuition support for Michigan National Guard members. Find more information at


New bait rules

The Michigan Natural Resources Commission recently approved new regulations on the collection and use of bait in an effort to protect against the spread of fish diseases, such as viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) and aquatic invasive species.

The new rules require bait to be used on the same water in which it was collected and include new testing requirements for commercially harvested bait. In addition, the list of susceptible fish species has been expanded. Find more information on the regulation changes in the online version of the 2016-2017 Michigan Fishing Guide at


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