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Uncover How Michigan Uses Taxpayer Dollars


Would you like to know more details about how the state of Michigan spends your money? Under PA 536 of 2012, state agencies are required to show much they are spending on core services to constituents, overhead support, and 1-time work projects. Our latest compilation of spending plans for each MI department is now available for your reference at

Senator Colbeck Votes Against Bills to Enable De Facto Legalization of Illegal Drug Use

On July 13 in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Colbeck voted no on House Bills 5649 and 5650. As written, if someone of any age seeks medical assistance for themselves or another person to address an emergency medical condition related to the use of illegal drugs, they would not be subject to prosecution for illegal drug use or possession based on evidence obtained as a result of them seeking emergency medical assistance. Current law limits this "get out of jail free card" to those under 21 years of age. Senator Colbeck supported the adoption of the current law when it had been brought before the legislature because it addressed younger adults who may have been unwisely experimenting with drugs. The age limit provision of the current law results in an effective cap on the number of "get out of jail free cards." Senator Colbeck believes that HB 5649 and 5650, on the other hand, would simply serve as an enabler for those who are trapped in a dangerous cycle of illegal drug use.

Michigan Works to Become a Leader in Autonomous Vehicle Testing and Production


Our state could soon become a leading contributor to the new and growing industry of autonomous vehicles. Senator Colbeck is a co-sponsor of Senate Bills 995, 996, and 997, which would allow self-driving cars to be operated on any of Michigan’s roads. The bills would also eliminate the need for a driver to sit behind the wheel of an autonomous vehicle while it operates, and would create a welcoming environment in Michigan for any company testing and producing autonomous vehicles. SB 997 would specifically allow for the creation of the American Center for Mobility at the old Willow Run factory site in Ypsilanti Township. The center is expected to enable key contributions in the fields of research and education on autonomous vehicle technology.

The bills have been referred to the Senate Committee on Economic Development and International Investment for further consideration.

Senator Colbeck Participates in Forum on LGBTQ Issues


Senator Colbeck continues to raise awareness about the harms that the proposed State Board of Education LGBTQ guidelines and the federal transgender access directive could bring to our students and schools.

On July 12, he participated in a panel discussion event titled, “Transgender Access: A Civil Right or Social Engineering?” in Zeeland, MI and spoke about the potential impact of the proposed state and federal guidelines, and the actions that individuals and school administrators can take to voice their concerns.

Senator Colbeck referenced a sample resolution he prepared, which individuals can present to local school board officials as encouragement to take a stand against the guidelines. The resolution can be found here and under the “Solution Center” at

He also recommended attending upcoming State Board of Education meetings and commenting on the guidelines in the meetings’ public participation period. The next meeting will be held on August 9 in the 4th Floor of the Hannah Building (Lansing, MI) at 9:30 a.m.

Senator Colbeck was joined in the panel discussion by three other distinguished speakers, who touched on issues concerning gender identity, the legal, political, and social impact of the guidelines, and Title IX funding, which the unconstitutional federal guidelines threaten to remove from schools that don’t adopt the provisions.

Senator Colbeck Supports Equality Under the Law


Senator Colbeck is a firm believer in the principles found in our Declaration of Independence, most notably the affirmation that we are ALL created equal. Regrettably, there has been a legislative trend to treat some groups of people as “more equal” than others regarding criminal penalties. The Senator believes that violence against anyone should not be condoned or justified and that the law should be equally applied to all criminal acts, regardless of the sexual orientation, occupation, race, economic standing, religion, etc. of those involved.

Examples of so-called “hate crime” legislation include SB 32 which singles out crimes against sports referees for enhanced penalties, SB 1035 which singles out crimes against members of the LGBTQ community for enhanced penalties, Senate Bills 1017 and 1018 which single out crimes against the developmentally disabled for enhanced penalties, and there is also discussion about legislation to treat attacks against law enforcement officers as hate crimes.

Senator Colbeck believes that we need to stop dividing Americans into groups and start focusing upon what we all have in common. The Senator has voted no and will continue to vote no on bills that do not treat us all equally under the law. He asserts that an assault on anyone is not acceptable, and that we should have equal penalties for the assault of any citizen.

Recently-Passed Bill Package Could Prevent Cases of Domestic Violence

A bill package unanimously passed by the Senate and recently signed into law will help individuals facing threats of domestic violence to escape harmful situations. These bills would allow victims of domestic violence to emancipate themselves from a shared cell phone contract with their abuser.

Currently, family cell phone contracts are difficult to break before their designated expiration date. House Bill 5641 provides that an individual under a personal protection order can remove his or her device and number from the joint contract and establish his or her own plan. This bill also allows a parent with custody of a child to remove that child’s device and number as well. House Bill 5642 is a companion bill which outlines the responsibilities of and legal protections for the cell phone provider. Senator Colbeck voted in support of this bill package because he believes policies should be implemented to encourage individuals to leave an abusive situation.


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