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Robertson supports "Good Citizenship" bills

Our students should have a good understanding of what makes the United States of America such a great country - our system of government and founding ideals.

I recently supported legislation that would encourage instruction in schools on the core principles of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and our state constitution. By studying the founding principles of these documents, students can better appreciate the liberties we enjoy as Americans and the reasons behind those liberties.

I also supported a bill to help make sure students are exposed to all aspects of our founding documents, including religious references. I think it's important that our children are fully aware of the important influences on our founding fathers.

Senate Bills 209 and 211 have been sent to the House for consideration.

Michigan's Trout Trails now online

Michigan is a top trout fishing destination with nearly 20,000 cold, quality streams and hundreds of lakes.

The DNR recently added an online tool to help trout anglers plan a great fishing trip. The first phase of Trout Trails features 129 locations that include detailed on-site descriptions and photos, along with information such as trout species available, fishing regulations, presence of stocked or naturally reproducing fish, best times to fish and more. There's even a link to regional visitor information for places to stay and eat.

Visit and start casting!

Safe hunting begins with hunter education

Now is the perfect time for first-time hunters to get a start on safe hunting.

Hunters born after Jan. 1, 1960 must complete a hunter education course before buying a Michigan hunting license or taking an out-of-state hunting trip. Exceptions include youth under the age of 10 hunting under a mentored youth hunting license or sportsmen hunting with an apprentice hunting license.

Courses are offered throughout the year, though most are scheduled August-September and April-May. Michigan allows three options - a traditional class in a classroom, a home-study program or an online course to complete at home. The online and home-study courses require a field day with an instructor. For more information or to find a class in your area, go to

Approximately 30,000 individuals successfully complete a Michigan hunter education course each year.