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Robertson supports consumer protection bill


This year there have already been 140 reported data breaches impacting nearly 3 million consumers. With an increase in data breaches and identify theft - even at the credit reporting agencies - consumers need to be able to safeguard their credit information.

One way consumers can do this is to place a security freeze on their credit reports at each of the three major credit reporting agencies. Once a security freeze is in place, a consumer's credit file cannot be accessed unless the freeze is lifted. Currently, credit reporting agencies can charge a $10 fee for each freeze or unfreeze.

I recently supported legislation to allow consumers to create, temporarily lift, or remove a credit freeze for all three credit reporting agencies without paying a fee. If signed into law, House Bill 5094 will make it easier for Michigan consumers to protect themselves from fraud.


Robertson backs $175 million road funding increase


The early spring thaw has taken a toll on our roads. I recently supported a $175 million boost in funding this year to improve state and local roads and bridges throughout the state.

The money comes from existing surplus funds to accelerate road repair on top of the $600 million in additional road funding already in this year's budget. Our roads - and Michigan motorists - need this increased investment as soon as possible.


Michigan high school graduation rate continues upward trend


Michigan's statewide high school graduation rate hit 80 percent last year, the highest level in eleven years. The dropout rate declined to 8.65 for the 2016-17 school year. The numbers reflect a continued gradual increase in the graduation rate. Four-year "on-time" graduation rates are a school accountability measure adopted by the state.

Graduation and dropout rates, along with other school information, can be found at


MDOT 2018 construction map now available

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The 2018 Paving the Way state construction map is now available online at The map details the major road repairs scheduled this season on state highways and trunklines, along with the construction dates to help drivers prepare for work zones along their planned travel route. State construction information and up-to-date traffic information is also available on the Mi Drive website at


Report fish kills online


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently developed an online form for reporting fish kills in quantities larger than 25 fish. A fish kill this size could indicate factors other than weather that warrant investigation.

The public can provide information by filling out the new Sick or Dead Aquatic Species form at Information requested includes waterbody and location, observation details and any photos showing external disease symptoms such as bloody patches, unusual wounds or odd coloration. Most of the time, fish kills are due to natural causes such as weather. Winterkill, the most common type of fish kill, occurs in late winter but may not be seen until early spring. Fish kill is occasionally related to pollution or other non-natural causes.

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