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Robertson supports bills to modernize state energy plan


Access to clean, reliable and affordable energy is important for Michigan families and job providers.

I supported Senate legislation to update the state’s energy laws to meet our current and future energy needs. Practical reforms will help encourage competition and protect customers from energy shortages seen in the past as Michigan’s economy continues to grow.

Among other provisions, Senate Bills 437 and 438 require utility companies to competitively bid for new generation projects, require providers to provide enough energy to meet demand and encourage energy waste reduction programs.

The legislation has been sent to the governor for his approval.


Robertson backs bill to require quicker water safety alert


Our families count on safe drinking water for their health and well-being.

I recently supported legislation that requires cities to issue a public advisory to customers within three business days of learning that the lead level in the water supply has exceeded safe drinking water standards. The current advisory period is 30 days.

To reasonably reach everyone served by the public water supply, the alert must—at a minimum—be communicated by television or radio, hand delivery to customers or advisories posted in the community.

The legislation is one of a number of reforms recommended by a joint legislative committee to address the Flint water crisis and prevent similar emergencies in other Michigan communities.


Check the MSP Winter Travel Advisory for road conditions


Motorists, know before you go! Winter weather can disrupt travel plans so be prepared before heading out on the road.

The Michigan State Police Winter Travel Advisory website provides information on road conditions for the state’s freeways and trunk lines, which are the first to be cleared during winter weather. The site is updated twice a day or as information about travel conditions is received. Visit or call the hotline at 1-800-381-8477.


DNR public land auction underway


The DNR is offering surplus state-owned land for sale by sealed-bid auction until Jan. 10, 2017. The 57 parcels of land range in size from less than an acre to 77 acres. Several of the properties are forested and have riverside or lake frontage.

Find more information, including property descriptions and the minimum bid price at

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