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July ushers in new state laws


Several important new laws passed in the spring take effect during July:

Public Act 85 of 2016 establishes the CARE Act to help train and support in-home caregivers. Under the new law, hospitals are required to allow patients to designate a caregiver and develop a discharge plan to help the caregiver provide after-care assistance. In Michigan, more than two million residents help their aging family members and loved ones stay at home by providing various levels of care.

Public Acts 87 and 88 of 2016 increase protections for pregnant women by expanding the penalties for assaulting a pregnant woman. The crime would be treated as a domestic violence crime with stricter punishment, especially for repeat offenses.

Public Act 62 of 2016 raises public awareness about human trafficking. The law requires the National Human Trafficking Hotline number (1-888-373-7888) to be posted at rest stops and welcome centers, bus and rail stations, airports and other places in the state. The FBI worked on 220 cases in Michigan last year.


Military families offered free admission to Blue Star Museums

Active duty military personnel, including National Guard and Reserve, and their families can receive free admission to many museums and cultural institutions around the state this summer.

For the second year, the Michigan History Center has joined with Blue Star Museums to participate in this great family event. In all, more than 2,000 museums across the country are participating. Find more information, including a complete list of museums and exhibitions at


Search for unclaimed property

Did you know the state of Michigan holds millions of dollars in lost or forgotten assets from dormant bank accounts, uncashed payroll checks, valuables left in safe deposit boxes, inactive stocks and other property?

You can find more information and check to see if your name is on a list of unclaimed property at And remember, you do not have to pay a fee to get your money back by contacting the Department of Treasury directly.


Energy emergency extended to ensure gas for summer driving

Gov. Snyder recently announced a federal waiver was granted to extend Michigan’s existing energy emergency. Under the extension, truck drivers throughout the state will continue to be allowed increased hours on the road to transport and deliver fuel until Sept. 9.

The extension will help make sure gas is available throughout the rest of the summer and the Labor Day holiday. The original emergency declaration was prompted following the shutdown of a key fuel pipeline in Wisconsin, which is still not operating.

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