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Robertson backs bills to deter poachers

Michigan's wild resources are among the finest in the country. When poachers take game illegally, they not only threaten animal populations, but they undermine the rights of law-abiding hunters.

I recently supported legislation to toughen the fines and penalties for individuals convicted of the illegal killing, possessing, purchasing or selling of certain game or protected animals-elk, bear, moose, turkey and waterfowl and eagle¬-in Michigan.

There have been several high profile poaching incidents over the past few years in which criminals have illegally taken game, sometimes selling their parts overseas. This legislation would help protect our wild game and preserve the integrity of Michigan's long-standing hunting heritage.

Senate Bills 244-246 have been sent to the Michigan House for consideration.

Michigan job growth recognized

An analysis released by the Pew Charitable Trusts organization ranked Michigan as a top performer in job growth since the Great Recession. Michigan has added 417,900 jobs since March 2010, leading to an employment growth rate of nearly 11 percent, better than any other Great Lakes state.

The study called Michigan the "biggest success story," noting the state fell further than any other state and had a bigger hill to climb coming out of the recession.

Senate adopts resolutions to prevent Asian carp in Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are a vital part of Michigan's economy, supporting jobs in recreation, tourism, shipping, manufacturing, agriculture, energy and more, all while providing an enviable quality of life.

Asian carp pose an imminent threat to the Great Lakes ecosystem and economy. I recently supported several measures urging the Obama Administration and Congress to move quickly and decisively to implement a long-term solution to prevent Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes basin.

Mark your calendar!

Michigan's annual Summer Free Fishing Weekend is right around the corner. All fishing license fees are waived for two days on June 13 and 14, 2015. All fishing regulations still apply. Find more information, including sponsored and state park events at

If you're taking the kids with you, check out the DNR's Family Friendly Fishing Waters website. The site identifies locations that are easy to access and have a high likelihood of catching fish, along with amenities such as picnic tables, grills and restrooms. Visit and click on Fishing in Michigan on the left sidebar.