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Senator Dave Robertson District Email Newsletter

The year in review

As we look ahead to a new year of promise and opportunity, I would like to share one last look at some key 2015 legislative accomplishments.

Michigan is the biggest success story in the nation!

Fiscal restraint and pro-growth reforms championed by Senate Republicans, such as producing a balanced budget ahead of schedule and reducing unfunded liabilities by $16 billion, continued to energize Michigan’s economy.

In fact, more than 400,000 new private sector jobs have been added to our economy in under five years, while unemployment dropped to 5 percent in September, the first time Michigan has been below the national average since August 2000.

Education continues to be our top priority

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For the fifth straight year, we increased K-12 funding— that’s an increase of more than $1 billion in state funding since 2011. More than 45 cents of every state tax dollar collected goes to K-12 education, community colleges and universities.

We also increased funding for 3rd grade reading programs to ensure our children and grandchildren have a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Comprehensive road funding fix

After years of discussion and debate, a comprehensive road funding solution was passed that invests more than $1 billion into repairing our roads and bridges. Senate Republicans also directed half a billion dollars from the FY ’15 budget to road construction and repair.

Protecting our quality of life

We restored justice for many victims of violent crimes by fully funding efforts to eliminate the backlog on 10,000 rape kits in the Detroit area and prosecute the offenders.

In addition, we protected faith-based adoption agencies by ensuring that the convictions of our hearts in matters of faith are not overridden by the state. All children deserve stable, loving homes but not all agencies need to be told how to accomplish this goal.

Preserving our outdoor heritage

Michigan’s water resources define our very way of life and are a cornerstone of our economy. We urged the federal government to actively confront the menace Asian carp poses to the native species of the Great Lakes and protect our region’s cherished natural resources and vital tourism industry.

Michigan is such a great place to live, work and raise a family! These efforts will go a long way in helping to improve our environment for job growth, provide more educational opportunities and protect the rights of our citizens. I invite you to visit for more information on the 2015 Senate Republican accomplishments.

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