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Senate Memorial Day Service and Essential Reminders from our Veterans and Service Members


Dear Friend,

On May 26th, our office had the privilege and distinct honor of hosting the Michigan Senate’s 22nd Annual Memorial Day Service. Legislators and the families of fallen soldiers from our state remembered and paid tribute to those who gave their lives defending our country.

This was a solemn experience and a touching reminder that the freedoms we enjoy in our country are a result of the brave men and women who have served, and continue to serve, in our Military forces.

The complete Senate Memorial Day Service recording, including the keynote speech from Dr. John A. Clark, a former WWII B-17 Pilot who served in the 100th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force, can be viewed on my YouTube page, or via the video link below:

Memorial Day Service Video

On the weekend following the Service, when the observance of Memorial Day was extended beyond the confines of the Senate Floor and into remembrance events throughout our state, I had the opportunity to attend a Memorial Day ceremony in Northville, MI.

This was a powerful experience overall, but I was especially taken by the sentiment of a WWII veteran named “Pops.” He expressed great concern for the direction our country is going in, and pleaded with me to work hard to restore the morals and values that made America truly exceptional. He’s afraid that we’ve lost our moral compass and that we are rapidly losing an appreciation of the values which made us uniquely American.

The battle that “Pops” and other brave veterans throughout our history fought to protect these American values, now falls on the shoulders of every U.S. citizen.

It is out of respect and acknowledgement for the sacrifices of our Military servicemen and women that we should make dedicated efforts to prevent the erosion of these values, but also because we believe the moral underpinning that guided the formation of our country is essential for maintaining the rights we enjoy today. If this foundation crumbles, we are at risk of losing the freedoms that make our country truly exceptional.

For more on the concerns raised by “Pops” and reflections of veterans’ observations on Memorial Day, please see the speech that I gave on the Senate Floor last week:

Reflection upon observations by veterans on Memorial Day

Thank you and may the brave example of our servicemen and women fortify us on the journey of restoring American values and ensuring every citizen the rights outlined by our founding fathers.


Patrick Colbeck
State Senator
7th District



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The 7th Senate District

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