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Dear Friends,

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of my monthly e-newsletter. This past month has been filled with exciting opportunities to serve the constituents of the 31st Senate District. I’ve been able to take your concerns directly to Lansing, and I am proud to continue to do so.

I want to emphasize that my door is always open. I look forward to visitors and the opportunity to speak with the constituents I proudly represent. I welcome any input from residents as it is my number one priority to make sure your voices are heard. If I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me or my office. I am honored to be able to serve you.


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Kevin Daley
State Senator
31st District

Daley hosts Caro Center meeting

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This past month, Rep. Phil Green and I hosted a meeting with community leaders and representatives from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services about their decision to halt construction of the new Caro Psychiatric Hospital.

We didn’t get a lot of answers, but Tuscola County should be proud of how they have rallied together on this critical issue. We have a psychiatric bed shortage in Michigan, and Tuscola County is ready right now to go to work and help those in need of critical mental health services. I am going to continue to fight for Tuscola County, the patients who receive care at the Caro Center and the employees whose livelihoods rely on the center staying in our community.

I urge the governor to resume this project, so we aren’t further delaying access to critical mental health services. As I continue to fight in Lansing, I could use your help. My office has set up a survey here, which allows residents to voice their personal concerns about the administration’s plans for the hospital. I encourage you to take the survey and I will make sure the governor hears what you have to say!

Daley: New laws ban e-cigarette sales to minors

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The number of teens using e-cigarettes continues to climb. In fact, e-cigarette use among high school students increased by nearly 80% between 2017 and 2018, according to a recent survey.

Senate bills now signed into law will help keep these products away from young people. Public Act 18 of 2019 (Senate Bill 106) and PA 17 of 2019 (SB 155) ban the sale of e-cigarettes and alternative vapor products to minors and prohibit minors from possessing and using these products. Under the new laws, violators will be subject to fines and penalties. In addition, retailers will have to store the products behind the counter or in a locked case, display a prominent sign explaining the law and ask for identification to verify the age of the buyer.

The new laws take effect Sept. 2.

Daley reminds residents of new state fireworks laws

Many families enjoy fireworks over the Fourth of July holiday. People should be aware that new laws give local communities a greater ability to regulate the use of fireworks.

Public Acts 634-636 of 2018 allow local governments to reduce the number of days and limit the hours fireworks can be set off. Local officials can restrict the use of consumer fireworks except on the following days after 11 a.m.:

• Dec. 31 until 1 a.m. on Jan. 1
• Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding Memorial Day until 11:45 p.m.
• June 29 to July 4, and July 5 if the date falls on a Friday or Saturday, until 11:45 p.m.
• Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend until 11:45 p.m.

It’s a good idea to check with local authorities to see when it’s legal to set off fireworks in your community. And please keep in mind, the governor, state fire marshal or Department of Natural Resources can ban the use of fireworks in dry conditions. Local fire department officials can prohibit the use as well under extreme fire conditions.

Monthly district office hours

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For me to best represent you in Lansing, I think it is important to sit down face to face and hear the needs of the residents of the 31st Senate District.

I plan to hold office hours once a month where anyone can come and discuss what’s on their mind. I will be available to answer questions, discuss current legislation and take suggestions on issues affecting communities throughout the district.

Feel free to stop in anytime, as no appointment is necessary. I look forward to hearing from you!

For updates on future office hours, please visit my website at and click “Office Hours” under the “Resources” tab.

June is National Dairy Month

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Don’t forget that June is National Dairy Month.

As a former dairy farmer, I know how important the dairy industry is to our state. Did you know that Michigan's #1 agricultural commodity is milk?

Please join me this month in celebrating and supporting our local dairy farmers!

Log your state park visit

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The Department of Natural Resources recently released a new Stamp & Go Guide to help visitors track their state park and fish hatchery visits.

The 6 inch by 4 inch guide features photos and brief descriptions of each state park and hatchery, maps, kid-friendly activities and more. Guides are available at most Michigan state parks for $5. Visitors can stop by campground offices or check with park staff to find out where guides are being stamped. Booklets purchased during 2019 — the state parks centennial year — include a special gold commemorative sticker.

Protect your family from rabies

As of the end of May, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) identified rabies in five bats and two skunks. Health officials recommend the following precautions to protect your family and pets from rabies:

• Avoid contact with wild animals;
• If bitten or scratched by an animal, seek immediate medical attention and alert your local health department;
• If you find a bat in your home, safely confine or collect it and contact your local health department; and
• Vaccinate your pet against rabies.

Last year in Michigan, there were 77 cases of rabies in bats and two in skunks. Find more information at

Constituent connections

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Congratulations to Bangor Township Firefighter George Strieter on his retirement after 34 years of dedication.

My office was able to present George with this state of Michigan tribute yesterday to honor his service and commitment to his community.

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My office was pleased to present tributes to Addy Battel and Pearl Daskam this month for the incredible work they have done to ensure food accessibility to the residents of the Cass City area.

These two high school students started "Meating the Need" when their local grocery store closed. The program works with local farmers to provide meat, dairy, and egg protein sources to neighboring food pantries. Congratulations to them both for their outstanding work!

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I was able to meet with Bay City City Manager Dana Muscott and city staff this past month.

We have some great leaders in Bay City!

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On June 12, I was proud to join Sens. Lana Theis and Winnie Brinks to honor World Special Olympics athletes Nicole Roberts of Lapeer, Tyler Baxter of Chelsea, and Nicholas Minnema of Grand Rapids during a special presentation on the Senate floor. The three athletes brought home several medals, including gold, from the World Special Olympic Games in Abu Dhabi. We are all proud of the work they put in and their determination. Keep up the great work!

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Congratulations to the Unionville-Sebewaing softball team on their state championship win! The whole team should be proud of the hard work and determination that it took to make this dream a reality. Our entire community is proud of you!

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The 31st District is full of champions this year! Congrats to the Millington Cardinal softball team on their Division III State Championship!

Once again, the Thumb proves it is full of potential and talent.

Visiting Lansing?

My priority is always serving the people of my district. If you plan to visit Lansing for a conference or meeting, please contact my office in advance so I can make every effort to meet with you while you are in town.

Celebrating a special occasion?

My office is happy to offer legislative tributes in honor of noteworthy events such as retirement, anniversaries of businesses in our community, awards and public recognitions.

State government resources

• Michigan Senate website:
• Michigan House of Representatives website:
• Michigan Legislative website:

Michigan's 31st Senate District

The 31th state Senate District includes all of Bay, Lapeer, and Tuscola counties.

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