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Dear Friends,

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of my monthly e-newsletter. This past month has been filled with exciting opportunities to serve the constituents of the 31st Senate District. I’ve been able to take your concerns directly to Lansing, and I am proud to continue doing so.

I want to emphasize that my door is always open. I look forward to visitors and the opportunity to speak with the constituents I proudly represent. I welcome any input from residents as it is my number one priority to make sure your voices are heard. If I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me or my office. I am honored to be able to serve you.


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Kevin Daley
State Senator
31st District

Daley continues to fight for the Caro Center

According to a recent ABC 12 News story, emails obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that new Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Director Robert Gordon is in favor of closing the Caro Center entirely. The department recently announced that it hired a consultant to review the decision to update the facility in Caro, but these emails indicate a decision regarding the project’s future had already been made.

These emails show the true intentions of the department and administration with the Caro Center project. This is pure executive overreach and it is not Director Gordon’s job to approve funding or influence opinions — especially when the result clearly puts rural communities at a disadvantage.

I have met with MDHHS and expressed how devastating this would be to Tuscola County. Additionally, I have invited Gov. Whitmer and Director Gordon to visit Caro to address their concerns and to discuss a solution. My office has also set up a short survey that gives residents a chance to show their support or voice concerns about the project and share their thoughts on the administration’s decision. As people fill out the form, the messages are sent in real time, so my staff and I are able to read messages as they are submitted. I really look forward to hearing input from the community on this issue. My office will make sure the governor hears what her constituents have to say.

You can find the survey at

Daley advances legislation honoring fallen Bay City soldier

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On Wednesday, May 1, the Senate unanimously approved legislation to name a portion of State Highway M-15 in Bay County after Sgt. 1st Class Michael Cathcart of Bay City. I introduced this legislation to honor Sgt. Cathcart’s bravery and dedication to his country, and it was my pleasure to welcome Sgt. Cathcart’s mother Jeanne to testify before the committee several weeks ago. I was happy to see a vote take place.

Under Senate Bill 169, the Michael Cathcart Memorial Highway will range from Cass Avenue in Portsmouth Charter Township north to the intersection of State Highway M-15 and Ridge Road in Bay City. Cathcart was killed in November of 2014 during an operation in Afghanistan. His service awards include four Bronze Star medals, two Purple Heart medals and four Army Commendation medals. The bill remains before the House Committee on Transportation.

No-fault reform approved by state Senate

Earlier this week, I supported the Senate plan to reduce Michigan’s highest-in-the-nation auto insurance rates.

Auto no-fault was approved in 1972 under the promise that it would save drivers money and reduce lawsuits, however, our insurance rates are out of control and auto accident-related lawsuits are flooding our courts. Michigan drivers pay up to 83% higher than the national average because drivers are forced to purchase unlimited personal injury protection (PIP) coverage; the current system is riddled with fraud and lawsuits; and uninsured drivers are passing their costs to everyone else.

Senate Bill 1 would give drivers the choice to select coverage they can afford and that meets their needs. Specifically, it would eliminate the PIP requirement as it currently exists and allow drivers over the age of 62 the option of allowing Medicare or their other health care benefits to cover medical costs. It would also give younger drivers the ability to choose an amount of coverage that suits their needs and budget — providing savings that would correspond to the chosen benefit level.

The bill also seeks to provide greater transparency and equity in health provider billing practices. Because auto insurers are forced to pay significantly more to hospitals and other health care providers than do other insurers for the same treatments and services, we see a great deal of extra costs passed on to Michigan drivers.

The current system is failing Michigan families in many ways. We cannot have people being priced out of being able to drive. People need to get to work; pick their kids up from school; get to the store, doctor, or anywhere else. This legislation is focused on lowering rates and giving people choices they can afford.

Daley supports snow day forgiveness legislation

I voted in favor of legislation that will give flexibility to schools who missed more than the nine allotted snow days during this winter’s harsh weather. Schools in the 31st district faced an unusual amount of snow and ice this season and this legislation will help them at the end of the school year.

The State School Aid Act requires each district to provide at least 180 days and 1,098 hours of pupil instruction. A district that fails to comply with the required minimum hours and days of instruction must forfeit a portion of its state aid. The bill allows schools to apply for up to four additional snow days that occurred during the governor’s declared statewide state of emergency. I am happy we were able to revisit this and get it approved with immediate effect allowing it to benefit schools this year.

Daley backs bills to protect children from abuse

Michigan had more than 90,000 reports of child abuse and neglect in 2016 — the highest rates of abuse and neglect in the state in more than 25 years.

I recently supported legislation to better protect vulnerable children. Senate Bills 29-30 would increase the penalties for repeat third- and fourth- degree child abuse convictions to help keep children safer from subsequent abuse. Third-degree child abuse occurs when someone intentionally causes physical harm to a child. A person is guilty of child abuse in the fourth degree if their reckless actions cause physical harm. The bills have been sent to the House for consideration.

Daley supports legislation to ban sale of vaping products to minors

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In spite of the health risks, vaping among teens continues to grow in popularity. A recent survey found that twice as many high school students used nicotine vapor products in 2018 compared with the previous year.

I recently supported bills that would limit access to vaping devices and products. Senate Bills 106 and 155 would prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes and alternative vapor products to minors and prohibit minors from buying or using these products. Under the legislation, violators would be subject to fines and penalties. In addition, retailers would be required to display signs explaining the law and ask for identification.

The bills have been sent to the House for further consideration.

Senate Votes on “Raise the Age” Legislation

I recently voted in support of legislation which would raise the age of legal adulthood within the state’s court system, establishing 17-year-olds as minors in most instances.

The 14-bill “Raise the Age” package would change state law to formally recognize that 17-year-olds should be considered juveniles for purposes of adjudication or prosecution of nonviolent criminal offenses. The bills would still allow for 17-year-olds to be treated as adults in violent criminal offenses.

Michigan is one of only four states that prosecutes 17-year-olds as adults. Statistics show that states that have enacted similar raise-the-age laws have experienced a significant decrease in juvenile court referrals and recidivism. Senate Bills 84 and 90-102 passed the Senate and have been sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Monthly district office hours

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In order for me to best represent you in Lansing, I think it is important to sit down face to face and hear the needs of the residents of the 31st Senate District.

I plan to hold office hours once a month where anyone can come and discuss what’s on their mind. I will be available to answer questions, discuss current legislation and take suggestions on issues affecting communities throughout the district.

Feel free to stop in anytime, as no appointment is necessary. I look forward to hearing from you!

For updates on future office hours, please visit my website at and click “Office Hours” under the “Resources” tab.

A centennial celebration!

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This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the Michigan state parks system. On May 12, 1919, the Michigan Legislature established the Michigan State Park Commission to acquire and maintain public lands for state parks.

A century later, Michigan’s 103 state parks continue to provide fantastic recreation opportunities for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Special events are planned throughout the year to celebrate the parks. Visit for more information.

Constituent connections

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High schoolers Addy Battle and Pearl Daskam put together a wonderful program for the Cass City Hunger Summit.

This event was organized by youth and adults interested in taking action on hunger and making our community more food secure. Great work ladies!

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I recently visited the Fisher Senior Care and Rehab Center in Mayville.

It was a good opportunity to speak to the residents and staff about the various challenges they face and the opportunities they have ahead of them. Thank you, Fisher Center, for all of the good you do for the community!

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Congratulations William “Bill” Porter on being named the Valley Area Agency on Aging’s Volunteer of the Year.

Bill has driven over 5,800 miles since the start of 2018 making sure other veterans like himself can make it to their doctors’ appointments. Thank you, Bill, for all that you do for your community.

My district director, Matthew Bierlein, was there to present the award.

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Olivia Smith with the Michigan Physical Therapy Association came up to Lansing for the association’s legislative day.

I was happy to welcome her to the state Capitol.

Visiting Lansing?

My priority is always serving the people of my district. If you plan to visit Lansing for a conference or meeting, please contact my office in advance so I can make every effort to meet with you while you are in town.

Celebrating a special occasion?

My office is happy to offer legislative tributes in honor of noteworthy events such as retirement, anniversaries of businesses in our community, awards and public recognitions.

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Michigan's 31st Senate District

The 31th state Senate District includes all of Bay, Lapeer, and Tuscola counties.

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