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Victory supports Senate plan to reduce auto insurance rates

I supported legislation approved by the state Senate on Tuesday seeking to reduce Michigan’s highest-in-the-nation auto insurance rates.

I supported Senate Bill 1 because this has been an unsolved problem for too long. The senate has held hours of committee meetings and heard testimony from all parties who are involved in the current system. It is past time that we start providing some much-deserved relief to Michigan drivers.

Specifically, this bill will:

Give drivers choices by ending the government-mandate to buy an expensive, “one-size-fits-all” plan. Drivers will be empowered to select the coverage they both need and can afford, and seniors will no longer be forced to purchase high-priced automobile health insurance on top of their Medicare.
Stop the overcharging for care involving auto accidents. The cost of the exact same medical procedures should not be higher simply because it involves a car accident. By leveling the playing field and bringing costs under control, we will lower car insurance rates.
Crack down on fraud and lawsuit abuse, including setting up an anti-fraud unit within the Michigan State Police.

The current system is failing Michigan Families. People are simply being priced out of being able to drive. No one should be forced to decide between auto insurance and groceries or being able to fill their car up to get to work. The system is simply out of control and needs to be reeled in.

Senate Bill 1 was approved by the Senate with bipartisan support and will now move to the House of Representatives for further consideration. A summary of the legislation can be found here.

Michigan's 30th Senate District

The 30th State Senate District includes all of Ottawa county.

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