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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

A new session of the Michigan Legislature has begun in Lansing and I was recently elected to serve as the Senate Republican Leader for the 2023-2026 Senate term. While Democrats currently hold a majority in the Legislature, the margin is very slim and voters made it clear that the incoming Legislature should not prioritize a partisan, left-wing agenda but should instead focus on long-term growth and improvement for Michigan.

We must prioritize policies that will grow our economy by reducing taxes and cutting burdensome overregulation, protect the rights of workers and job-creating small businesses, improve education while ensuring accountability and transparency in our schools, and bolster public safety by funding the police.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the Legislature or state government, please do not hesitate to contact my office by calling 517-373-0793 or by going to I look forward to listening and learning about your priorities and concerns for our state.

Aric Nesbitt
State Senator
District 20

Fighting for immediate tax relief now

Last session, the Legislature passed a major tax-cut plan with bipartisan support. Unfortunately, this plan was vetoed by the governor and there remains an unprecedented surplus in the state budget that belongs to Michigan’s hard-working taxpayers. More work can and should be done to provide immediate relief for all Michiganders, especially as many struggle with historic inflation.

Thanks to responsible budget management by Republican leadership, the most recent economic forecast for the state was expected to trigger a permanent reduction in the individual income tax rate. However, there is now a concern that Democrats are looking to avert this much needed tax relief for everyone by spending even more taxpayer dollars on corporate subsidies

While some limited tax reforms have recently been pushed through by Democrats, these would only reduce taxes for a select few and would leave many Michiganders without the immediate relief they deserve. Rather than picking and choosing who gets a break on their taxes, Sen. Nesbitt is focused on working to lower taxes for all of Michigan’s taxpayers. It is vital that legislators on both sides of the aisle come together to provide immediate relief now by returning taxpayer dollars to all the families, seniors, and individuals who worked hard for their income. Michiganders know how to spend their hard-earned money far more effectively than the government.

Fighting for balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility

Over the next few weeks, the Legislature will begin working on putting together a budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year. The key focus for any state budget must be ensuring that it is balanced, pays down debt, and responsibly funds priorities. Fiscal responsibility is a must. Over the years, the Legislature has worked hard to dutifully manage Michigan’s finances and we are now faced with an unprecedented budget surplus.

Tax relief is a major priority with this surplus funding, but any additional spending must be put toward wise investments in the long term. This means focusing on tangible projects to fix our roads and bridges, improve water and wastewater infrastructure, and increase access to broadband in Michigan. Additional priorities include funding the police to ensure law enforcement have the tools they need to keep us safe as well as providing children the opportunity to receive a quality education that best fits their needs.

Protecting the rights of workers and small businesses

In 2010, Michigan was ranked dead last in economic growth compared to other states around our nation. Over the last decade, Republicans worked hard on a plan to turn our economy around and make Michigan more competitive. This plan prioritized policies that empowered workers and individuals to make their own choices and supported small businesses across our state. Now, Democrats have introduced legislation to repeal key parts of that plan, including Right to Work. If this repeal passes, it would take our state in the wrong direction. Sen. Nesbitt stands ready to lead his Republican colleagues in opposing efforts to undermine this vital legislation.

Pro-freedom legislation such as Right to Work has played a major role in maintaining Michigan’s competitiveness with other states. Repealing it sends the wrong message to companies looking to do business in Michigan and would seriously suppress our economic growth. Right to Work also serves as an important safeguard for workers across Michigan by protecting them from being required to pay union dues as a condition of employment. One-size-fits-all mandates should not take precedence over personal liberty. The choice to join a union should lie with individual workers, not union bosses. Michigan cannot afford to put far-left partisan interests above those of our citizens. The Republican caucus will continue supporting pro-freedom policies that keep Michigan competitive, help grow our economy, and protect the rights of workers.

Sensible standards for students

Further legislation has been proposed that would remove a requirement for students to have a basic proficiency in reading to graduate from the third grade. It is sincerely disappointing that Democrats are considering the removal of such commonsense standards as this. Reading is a fundamental building block for a good education, and we ought to ensure our schools are effectively preparing our students to be productive members of society. Removing basic requirements such as the third grade reading law would be a disservice to our students and our future — especially for those who are still struggling to catch up after Gov. Whitmer's forced school closures.

All of Michigan’s children deserve the opportunity to receive a quality education that provides a solid foundation for good citizenship and a successful future. We must work to ensure that teachers are able to do their jobs well while producing results for our students. Commonsense benchmarks such as reading proficiency are a key part of this and help us better hold schools accountable. Whether studying basic subjects like math, science, and history; or pursuing more advanced career and technical education, the ability to read is vital.

Sen. Nesbitt gives Republican response to State of the State address

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Honored to recognize public officials from around the district!

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We celebrated the retirement of Yemi Akinwale after 23 years of service to the Hartford community as city manager.

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Don Hanson dedicated more than five decades to public service on the Hamilton Township Board and the Van Buren County Board of Commissioners.

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Steve Cornish celebrated his retirement from Porter Township after many years of service to his community.

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