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As we continue to navigate these difficult times, I want you to know my colleagues and I are working with the administration to keep everyone up to date and provide additional resources where they are needed most.

The coming weeks and months will be difficult for families across Michigan. I understand this is taking a toll on your family, your loved ones and your budget — we are all feeling it.

The COVID-19 outbreak and response has also taken a toll on the state budget. There will be a significant impact on state revenue both this year and next year. The budget will be significantly affected, and the Legislature will be forced to make some tough decisions.

I know this isn’t ideal, and many are already making concessions, but we will get through this together and come out stronger than before!

My office is open remotely and my staff and I are available to assist you. You may email [email protected] or contact my office by telephone at 1-855-347-8034. Also, please check out my Facebook page for updates. Let me know if I can assist you in any way or if you have an idea to help move our state forward.


Jon Bumstead
State Senator
34th District

Governor ends in-person instruction for 2020 school year

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has issued an executive order ending in-person K-12 instruction for the 2019-20 school year. Under Executive Order 2020-35, schools will shift to distance learning formats to ensure our students are as fully prepared as possible for the next school year.

The top priority is the health of our students, teachers and administrative staff. At this time, bringing students together in a classroom environment simply poses too many health risks for everyone.

Instead, school districts will shift to distance learning formats to ensure Michigan students receive an education for the remainder of this school year. Many teachers and parents have been doing outstanding work to ensure our children have been continuing their education through distance learning since their schools were closed. I fully recognize the hard work and ingenuity of our teachers and parents, and I strongly believe there should be a mechanism to count this time toward instructional requirements.

The governor’s executive order requires each district to submit a detailed plan indicating how they will achieve distance learning. I support this, as parents deserve to know how schools will fully prepare their children for the next grade level or their seniors for college.

As we face this unprecedented challenge, we must do everything we can and provide all necessary resources — whether it be tutoring, remedial support or other tools — to ensure that every student is fully prepared for the next step in their academic careers.

Other recent executive orders include:

Executive Order 2020-29 to slow the spread of COVID-19 virus among prisoners: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered a series of changes to the state’s prison system and recommended modifications at local jails in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus among inmates. The executive order suspends transfers to and from state prisons and allows local jails more freedom to release vulnerable individuals who are no threat to public safety. Read more.
Executive Order 2020-30 lessens restrictions for healthcare workers during coronavirus outbreak: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-30 on March 29, giving medical staff more flexibility during COVID-19 pandemic. The order lessens restrictions and allows qualified physicians assistants and nurses to help with treating patients with coronavirus, according to a news release from the governor’s office. Read more.
Executive Order 2020-34 is a revision of Executive Order 2020-32 and clarifies the governors prohibition of non-essential veterinary visits during coronavirus pandemic: The revision adds routine pet checkups to the list of things that will have to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. The governor's office said the order prohibits all non-essential veterinary procedures starting on April 2, 2020, encouraging veterinarians and veterinary technicians to practice telemedicine as much as possible in order to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. Read more.
Executive Order 2020-36 protects workers who stay home when they or those close to them are ill with COVID-19: The order prohibits employers from discharging or disciplining employees for staying home from work if they or one of their close contacts tests positive for COVID-19 or has symptoms of the disease. The order also strengthens the governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order by declaring that it is the public policy of the state that all Michiganders who test positive or show symptoms, or who live with someone who tests positive or shows symptoms, should not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. Read more.

Additional information on the governor’s executive orders and other state news can be found here.

Unemployment update

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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, under the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, signed an agreement between Michigan and the U.S. Dept. of Labor to implement pandemic unemployment assistance and compensation programs that grant benefits to workers who do not already qualify for state unemployment benefits.

Workers include self-employed, 1099-independent contractors, gig, and low-wage workers who can no longer work because of the pandemic. The agreement also increases weekly benefits for all unemployed workers by $600 a week for up to four months and extends benefit payments from 26 to 39 weeks.

This applies to workers already in the unemployment system and eligible employees who still need to apply. These workers do not need to reapply if they have already applied, and those who still need to apply do not need to take additional steps and should file as usual.

If a worker’s application has previously been denied by the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) in the past three weeks, there is no need for them to reapply at this time. They will be notified by the agency with any additional action that may need to be taken.

UIA will provide additional guidance regarding eligibility and application details in the coming days as it implements these new programs.

Federal stimulus update

The Michigan Department of Treasury has made my office aware that the IRS has now released stimulus payment information.

The main questions I've received have been related to when payments will be distributed. According to this release, economic impact payments will begin in the next three weeks and will be distributed automatically, with no action required for most people.

Don’t hesitate to contact my office at [email protected] or 1-855-347-8034 if you have other questions.

Consider lending a hand to those fighting for us

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Are you able to donate your time, expertise or critical items to fight coronavirus in Michigan?

Find out how you can help those in need.

Michigan needs trained medical professionals and other volunteers to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

I encourage individuals to visit the new volunteer website and find out how they can save lives and assist their community during this time of need.

MDHHS sets fines for ‘Stay home, Stay Safe’ violations

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Director Robert Gordon issued an Emergency Order on April 2 setting a civil penalty of up to $1,000 for those who violate the governor’s executive orders banning gatherings and non-essential businesses.

The emergency order requires all Michiganders to comply with the procedures and restrictions outlined in the following executive orders.

Executive Order 2020-11: temporarily prohibits large assemblages and events and temporarily closes schools.
Executive Order 2020-20: places temporary restrictions on the use of places of public accommodation.
Executive Order 2020-21: temporarily restricts gatherings and travel and prohibits in-person work that is not necessary to sustain or protect life.

Additionally, businesses who are regulated by the state, or require state licensure to operate that violate these mandates will be referred to applicable licensing agencies for additional enforcement that is determined by the governing agency.

General information on COVID-19

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The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has launched several resources to help keep Michiganders up to date on the spread of COVID-19.

The state established a statewide hotline to respond to health-related questions about COVID-19 and to direct residents, providers and more to the right resources in their local communities and other state government departments. The hotline is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 1-888-535-6136.

The latest information is available at and

Bumstead legislation signed into law

I was happy to hear the governor announce that she has signed two of my bills into state law.

Senate Bill 711, now Public Act 80 of 2020 codifies into law a licensing process, giving Michigan breweries the ability to import beer and further manufacture it in their facility. The legislation also outlines additional guidelines for such collaborations.

The issue was brought to me by La Colombe, whose headquarters is in my district, when they encountered a licensing issue with a product they had already invested time and resources in. They chose to participate in the legislative process and I am happy that we were able to reach a solution that will allow Michigan companies to thrive! You can read more about this legislation on my website.

The governor also signed my legislation that would aid local officials in completing their administrative duties and ensuring they adequately represent the residents who elected them to office.

Senate Bill 712, now Public Act 81 of 2020, would amend the General Law Village Act to give local governments certain tools to help resolve situations like the ongoing issue happening in Hesperia. The council is unable to reach a quorum due to the actions of certain council members and the community is being held hostage. The new law will allow a council’s presiding officer to require absent members to attend a regular or special meeting if the village is unable to achieve a quorum for 60 consecutive calendar days. If a village fails to compel an absent member to attend a meeting under ordinary circumstances, the absent member shall be guilty of gross neglect of duty, which is a precursor for the governor to consider removal. You can read more on my website.

Michigan's 34th Senate District

The 34th State Senate District includes the counties of Muskegon, Newaygo, and Oceana.

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