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Worst budget in decades — especially for schools!

Late last month, in a session that ran past 5 a.m., with budgets we had almost no time to study, the Democrat majority rammed through more than $82 billion of spending that will be devastating to our state.

Those who know me will recognize it’s rare that I speak like this, but I am shocked by these budgets and deeply opposed — especially to the School Aid budget.

Our schools were completely unified in opposition — and we fought literally side by side all day and night to try to improve the budget. But in the end, every Democrat and one Republican in the Senate voted to approve the spending anyway.

Here’s what happens next:

For the first time in over 10 years, schools get no increase in the foundation allowance.
$670 million has been redirected from teacher pension liabilities to other government spending.
Mental health and security funding for schools was cut by more than 90%.
Layoffs among school faculty and staff are expected to start immediately.

Thank you to our superintendents who were with me every moment in Lansing trying to help make a deal and to all of the principals, teachers and school board members who reached out with guidance and help. Sadly, our efforts were unsuccessful because we just didn’t have the votes — and it will be our kids who pay the price.

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Small Business Administration Legislator of the Year

It was an honor to be recognized by the Small Business Association of Michigan as a recipient of the organization’s prestigious Legislator of the Year award. I have been a strong advocate for our state’s small businesses, especially those in the 37th Senate District, and their critical importance to our state’s economy and the communities they serve. As a small business owner for nearly 25 years, it was beyond humbling to be presented with this recognition by former lieutenant governor and current Small Business Association of Michigan President Brian Calley.

The struggles small businesses face, especially the heartbreaking closures and restrictions brought on by the pandemic in 2020, were instrumental in me running for office and fighting for the principles that our country was founded on. I will continue to fight for small businesses and the folks behind them who worked to turn their dreams into reality.

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Good news for Mackinac Island!

Earlier this year, I sponsored legislation that would set speed limits on Mackinac Island — an issue brought to attention by the increasing popularity of electric bicycles.

Some of these bikes can exceed speeds of 30 miles per hour, which with horses and dense tourist populations, has created safety concerns for those visiting the island and for those who call the island home.

I spoke with Mackinac Island officials and worked out guidelines for the legislation prior to formally introducing Senate Bill 682. A nearly unanimous group of leaders on the island, including Mayor Margaret Doud, were emphatic that we had to do something to protect everyone on beautiful M-185. By default, as a state highway, M-185 had a speed limit of 55 miles per hour in certain parts because of a technicality — which never mattered until the advent of electric bikes. The island asked us to act, and we did!

This was an important update that had bipartisan support all the way to the governor’s desk, where it was recently signed into law. The new law will maintain access for those with limited mobility but will also make sure visitors and residents on the island stay safe and are able to enjoy the unique Pure Michigan opportunities that Mackinac Island has to offer. Now, kids and families are one step closer to being able to relax and safely enjoy what many consider the most beautiful bike ride in the country around the perimeter of Mackinac Island!

My family and I absolutely love Mackinac Island — especially this incredible ride. Come see it for yourself this summer!

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Scout Day at the Capitol

Earlier this month, I was thrilled to welcome scouts from across the state to my office for Scout Day at the Capitol. They were visiting to share their annual report and learn a little bit more about what happens in our state government.

I am so impressed by the scouts. These kids are dedicated, hardworking, and clearly intelligent young people. I could not believe the effort and time that went into many of the Eagle Scout projects they shared with me!

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Invasive insect infestation detected in Michigan

A second confirmed detection of the invasive spotted lanternfly has been found in Michigan. The spotted lanternfly is an invasive plant hopper native to eastern Asia. It was first found in the United States in 2014 in southeastern Pennsylvania and has since been recorded in at least 17 eastern and midwestern states.

The insect feeds on a wide range of fruit and ornamental and woody trees like the invasive tree of heaven. This pest can have negative effects on specialty crops and be a nuisance in outdoor areas. It moves long distances by hitchhiking or laying egg masses on vehicles, outdoor equipment and firewood.

Prevention and early detection are important to limiting the spread of this and other invasive insects. If you find a spotted lanternfly egg mass, nymph or adult, take one or more photos, make note of the date, time and location of the sighting, and report it online to Eyes in the Field. Photos are necessary to verify a report and will help in identifying an invasive pest.

This summer, the Department of Natural Resources is asking everyone to help prevent the spread of the spotted lanternfly. If you see an insect you suspect is a spotted lanternfly, remember to See it. Squish it. Report it.

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Michigan's 37th Senate District

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Michigan’s 37th Senate District includes Antrim, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet, Grand Traverse, Leelanau counties and portions of Mackinac and Chippewa counties.

Senator John Damoose
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P.O. Box 30036
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