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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

With Democrats holding a slim majority, there have been some severely disappointing bills pushed through the Legislature that I have opposed. Their majority is held by a very thin margin, and it is clear that we should not be prioritizing radical, far-left policies. Rather, we ought to focus on growing our economy and making our state an even greater place to live, work, and raise a family.

Michigan cannot afford to go back to the failed policies of the “Lost Decade” and I will continue leading my Republican colleagues in fighting back against legislation that would take our state in the wrong direction. So far, we have been able to use some of the parliamentary tools at our disposal to hold Democrats accountable, force compromises, and soften the impact of poor policy decisions. It is not an easy task, but we will keep fighting.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the Legislature or state government, please do not hesitate to contact my office by calling 517-373-0793 or by going to You can also stay up to date with what I am doing in Lansing by following me on Facebook, or on Twitter. I look forward to listening and learning about your priorities and concerns for our state.


Aric Nesbitt
State Senator
District 20

Senate Republicans announce ‘Roadmap for a Better Michigan’

Senate Republicans recently announced their “Roadmap for a Better Michigan,” a plan to improve the lives of every Michigander, keep our economy strong, and avoid a second “Lost Decade.”

In only a few short months, Gov. Whitmer and the new Democratic majority have recklessly wasted a historic budget surplus and passed laws that threaten to drive our economy back into the same ditch it was stuck in during the Granholm administration. We need a plan to get Michigan back on track.

The “Roadmap for a Better Michigan” includes three core principles:

1. Relief from inflation and economic opportunity for all.
2. Safer, healthier, and more prosperous communities.
3. Protecting individual liberties and ensuring a more responsible state government.

The Senate Republican plan includes recommendations to help Michiganders struggling with inflation, improve schools and roads, and reduce crime, among other priorities.

Click here to read the complete “Roadmap for a Better Michigan.”

Michigan families deserve permanent relief

Earlier this Spring, Attorney General Dana Nessel released an opinion stating that the upcoming tax cut for all Michiganders should not be permanent. Despite sitting on a $9 billion surplus, before dolling out billions in corporate welfare, Democrats in Lansing have hit a new low in trying to deny you relief. Sen. Nesbitt was there in 2015, and it could not have been more clear what the language said or what the Legislature’s intent was. His colleagues who were instrumental in passing this tax cut agree:

Former Speaker Kevin Cotter — “When we crafted this deal in 2015, it was clear to everyone involved that the income tax cut trigger would create a permanent tax cut, should it be activated. Fiscal analysts, legislative legal counsel, as well as legislators and staff alike, all understood what was enacted. It’s disappointing the attorney general has decided to ignore that and play partisan games at the expense of Michigan workers.”

Former Gov. Rick Snyder — “The income tax trigger was intended to be a permanent reduction activated when state government had a large surplus. Our taxpayers worked hard to earn those dollars and government should not keep them when there are not critical expenses to pay for. The attorney general’s opinion today is an unreasonable overreach of what was agreed upon. Michigan taxpayers deserve the surplus dollars now and into the future.”

Former Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof — “We made sure that, if the government coffers became full, the first people to see relief would be hardworking taxpayers. But if Gov. Whitmer and Michigan Democrats want to deny that relief and raise taxes on Michigan families, they should draft a bill and vote on it.”

Protecting Michigan’s voice

Not long ago, legislation was introduced that would severely dilute Michigan’s voice in national elections. This legislation would change the way Michigan’s Electoral College votes are allocated and amplify the weight of votes cast in larger, coastal states at the expense of our own. Sen. Nesbitt is supportive of a proportional Electoral College allocation that protects Michigan’s voice and opposes this initiative to move toward a National Popular Vote.

Our founders recognized the importance of both horizontal and vertical separations of power in government. Horizontally, the legislative, executive, and judicial branches are separated with each having distinct roles and responsibilities. Vertically, the federal government, states, and local government are similarly separate. Institutions such as the Electoral College protect this vital separation of powers in our nation.

Dedicating presidential electors based on the national popular vote would also undermine the rights of the minority in order to declare the total sovereignty of the majority. It would ignore the regional interests of Americans and consolidate power almost entirely within a few key population centers. An unjust majority that tramples on the rights of the minority is still unjust, even if they hold 51% of the vote. Parts of our government lean toward democratic rules, others lean toward the rule of the few, and others yet promote regional rule. This balance is key to protecting the rights of all American citizens.

Events around the District

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Sen. Nesbitt and Reps. Hall and Wendzel presented a state tribute recognizing Kathy Moussalli from Van Buren County as Republican Woman of the Year.

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Sen. Nesbitt led a roundtable panel with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hosted by the Mackinac Center.

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Sen. Nesbitt sat down with Rick Albin on WOOD-TV’s “To The Point” to discuss the first 100 days in the new Legislature. Click here to watch.

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