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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It was a dark day for hardworking Michigan families, farmers, and small business owners when Gov. Whitmer signed legislation to overhaul Michigan’s energy policy and give Lansing bureaucrats power to overrule local government authority. While the people of Michigan are still struggling with higher costs, Lansing Democrats are applauding the imposition of far-left unworkable energy mandates that will further increase energy costs and make Michigan energy less reliable.

Michigan families need and deserve an “all of the above” approach that focuses on ensuring energy is affordable and reliable, rather than imposing a progressive, partisan pipedream that has consistently failed. Instead, Democrats chose to go it alone and rushed a flawed, irresponsible overhaul that focuses on banning natural gas and forcing wind and solar farms on locals to appease environmental extremists.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the Legislature or state government, please do not hesitate to contact my office by calling (517) 373-0793 or by going to You can also stay up to date with what I am doing in Lansing by following me on Facebook, or on Twitter. I look forward to listening and learning about your priorities and concerns for our state.


Aric Nesbitt
State Senator
District 20

Earliest legislative adjournment in the 21st century

On Nov. 9, Democrats voted to adjourn the Legislature historically early for the remainder of 2023. Every year, the Legislature adjourns near Christmas, but this year, legislative Democrats decided to pack their bags and shut down the House and Senate for two months. This means that, unless the governor calls for a special session dedicated to one of her priorities, the Legislature will not be able to meet and work until the middle of January 2024.

To simply describe this past year in a couple of words, it would be “missed opportunity.” And with this Democrat majority pushing to start their Christmas break early, it seems this description will remain accurate.

The hardworking people of Michigan elected this 102nd Legislature expecting us to work together. Senate Republicans came into this year hopeful; it seemed like the Legislature could work together. But that just wasn’t the case. At every opportunity to work toward commonsense, middle 70% solutions, the Democrat majority made the conscious choice to sprint to the far left.

From billion-dollar handouts to corporations, rigging the system for union bosses, shoving through a Michigan Green New Deal to raise electric rates, or fighting to increase taxes on workers and small businesses, Democrats have shown the people of Michigan where their loyalties lie. The silver lining in this historically early adjournment is that they can’t impose any more harmful policies on struggling Michigan families — a small, but needed, respite.

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Radical energy policies and government overreach

In the dark and early hours of a November morning in Lansing, the Democrat majority rammed a purely partisan, radical policy through the Legislature with zero compromise. This legislation is jam-packed with state mandates that will make family electric bills more expensive and create the very real possibility that the lights won’t turn on when those families go to flip the switch. It will industrialize our pristine farmland — our Pure Michigan — even against the wishes of those who live on and tend to the land. These bills represent a destructive force of government from which generations of farms and families will never recover.

State energy policy is supposed to allow for affordable, reliable energy to be provided to Michigan families. It is supposed to protect against blackouts and brownouts so grocery stores, hospitals, and other services can always provide for our communities. Instead, Democrats chose to go full speed the other way right into the arms of the environmental extremists, corporate left-coast donors, and an ambitious executive looking to build her far-left presidential resume — all at the expense of working Michigan families.

It is clear why this Democrat majority silenced the citizens of the state who wished to testify on these bills, why they refused to work with willing partners on the other side of the aisle, and why they rushed this monstrosity so quickly through the Legislature. Democrats have continued to wield their slim majority as a weapon, and now struggling families and local communities will suffer even more from their big government energy mandates. They must now own this destructive, regressive energy future.

National Civics Bee

The Michigan Chamber is partnering with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and six local and regional chambers of commerce to host a unique competition that encourages young Michiganders to engage in civics and contribute to their communities.

Participating sixth, seventh and eighth graders will flex their civics knowledge for a chance to win recognition and cash prizes. Local finalists will be invited to the state Capitol in Lansing to compete in Michigan’s inaugural National Civics Bee in the summer of 2024. State winners will then have the chance to compete nationally in Washington, D.C., in the fall of 2024.

Interested students and teachers may go to for more resources and information.

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Events across the 20th Senate District and in Lansing

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Sen. Nesbitt participated in the annual Trees for Troops event at Wahmhoff Farms in Gobles.

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The annual March for Life was held in Lansing, advocating for the dignity and rights of the unborn.

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Sen. Nesbitt’s office presented a special tribute celebrating the Lawrence Lions’ Club’s 75th anniversary.

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