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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Last night, Gov. Whitmer painted a picture of the state of our state that is at odds with the reality most Michiganders are facing. She took a victory lap and patted herself on the back while many of our family members, friends, and neighbors continue to struggle. She spoke as someone who has spent too much time in the Lansing bubble — someone who doesn’t worry about the price of groceries, or heating her home in the winter, or whether her kids can catch up in school.

The governor insists that Bidenomics is working, but Michigan’s unemployment rate and median household income are among the worst in the nation. For most families, any increase in pay has been wiped out by inflation. Thousands of our friends and neighbors continue to seek better jobs, better schools, and better opportunities elsewhere as Michigan sits at 46th out of 50 states for population growth. This is the real state of our state, but it doesn’t have to be.

Republicans believe hardworking taxpayers know how to spend their money better than the government does and we’ll keep fighting Democrats in Lansing who want to raise taxes on Michigan businesses and families. Republicans know we must invest in responsible energy sources that ensure our lights, heat, and cars turn on regardless of whether the wind is blowing or how cold it is during Michigan winters, not California-style Green New Deal schemes that will make our energy more expensive and less reliable. We refuse to accept Michigan being a bottom 10 state for educational outcomes. Instead of doing away with reading standards and school accountability as Democrats have done this past year, we’ll fight to give students, teachers and parents the support they need to get our schools into the top 10.

We have a vision for Michigan that puts communities, schools, and families first, ahead of bigger state government, special interests, and ambitions for higher office. Michiganders living every day under the harmful policies of Gov. Whitmer and President Biden deserve better.

Click here or on the image above to hear my full response to the governor’s 2024 State of the State address.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns about the Legislature or state government, please do not hesitate to contact my office by calling 517-373-0793 or by going to You can also stay up to date with what I am doing in Lansing by following me on Facebook or on Twitter. I look forward to listening and learning about your priorities and concerns for our state.


Aric Nesbitt
State Senator
District 20

Senator Aric Nesbitt
S-105 Capitol Building
P.O. Box 30036
Lansing, MI 48909-7536

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