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Dear Friends,

Below you will find the latest issue of my monthly e-newsletter with updates from your state Capitol. I hope you will find the news and information helpful. Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you feel may be interested.

As always, my staff and I are available if you have any thoughts or concerns about state government. Please feel free to contact my office at [email protected] or 517-373-7946.


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Michele Hoitenga
State Senator
36th District

Democrats’ plan takes Michigan in the wrong direction

Democrats in Lansing, led by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, have unveiled their plan for the fall legislative session. Unfortunately, their plan is at odds with the reality millions of Michigan residents are facing every day.

On the heels of the highest inflation Michigan has seen in four decades, Gov. Whitmer is still fighting to increase income taxes and costs for hardworking families. Rather than supporting proven policies Republicans have worked for decades to put in place that focus on lowering taxes, reducing oppressive regulations, investing in infrastructure, and providing access to reliable and affordable energy, the governor is once again doubling down on radical policies that would do the opposite. Her plans would cripple economic growth and supercharge the inflation we are already experiencing.

Michigan must develop an energy strategy that focuses on reliable, secure energy and storage. A strong and secure energy grid that is consistent in providing power for residents must be maintained over the long term and should be made up of various sources, such as natural gas and propane.

I will continue to support responsible spending and lower taxes that would lead to increased economic growth that benefits all the individuals and businesses in Michigan. My colleagues and I will continue to put forward proposals that provide relief for families and seniors and will return taxpayer dollars to individuals who worked hard for their income. Michigan residents are far more qualified to spend their money than the government.

Defending the rights of law-abiding Michigan residents to carry at their state Capitol

I recently introduced legislation to allow for anyone with a valid concealed pistol license to carry while inside the Michigan Capitol.

The Michigan State Capitol Commission voted Aug. 16 to implement new security procedures to ban guns within the Capitol and install weapons detection systems at each building entrance. Under the commission’s rules, current legislators who possess a valid concealed pistol license are exempt from the weapons ban. Senate Bill 468 would extend that exemption to all valid concealed license holders.

Law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be forced to give up their rights when visiting their state Capitol, nor should they be treated any differently from the lawmakers who they elected to represent them in Lansing. All CPL holders receive a background check and state-licensed instruction; they should maintain their constitutionally protected right to carry in self-defense, even while inside the Capitol building. Democrats care more about pandering to their radical base than actual public safety.

Child care workers could use local law enforcement offices for fingerprinting services under Hoitenga legislation

Currently, potential child care workers must use the services of a state-approved third-party contractor. I recently introduced Senate Bill 469 to allow for them to be fingerprinted at a local law enforcement agency or county sheriff’s office.

The need for parents to have access to reliable child care services continues to be a growing and important issue across our state. My legislation would ensure the integrity of systems put in place to protect children while also easing burdens placed on child care centers and workers who must obtain fingerprinting for licensure. Third-party fingerprinting contractors often have limited office hours and can be located an hour or more drive away from some of the rural communities of our state — this is especially true in Northern Michigan. Expanding this service to include our local police agencies will help our child care professionals and ultimately the parents who need them.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce recently reported that child care issues within the state have resulted in an estimated $2.88 billion annual loss for the Michigan economy because of missed work. In a statewide survey of parents with children under the age of six, 14% reported they had left a job in the past six months because of child care, 52% needed to make significant adjustments to work or school because of child care in the past year, and 63% said they have missed work or school at least once in the past three months because of child care.

Consumers Energy will host public meetings on dam futures

Residents are encouraged to participate in a series of community meetings that Consumers Energy will host to discuss the futures of several hydroelectric dams located along the Au Sable and Manistee rivers in Northern Michigan. This is an opportunity for local residents to have their voices heard.

More than 1,700 community members, organizations, and municipal leaders participated in a series of public meetings about the same dams’ futures in 2022. Consumers Energy says the large amount of feedback it received led the company to adjust its decision timeline in order to collect more information about the economic and environmental impacts related to the hydroelectric plants.

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A series of meetings will be hosted through November. Click here to learn more about the upcoming Consumers Energy community engagement meetings and the full list of 13 Michigan dams being studied.

36th District events

As your state senator, I love attending different events throughout our beautiful district. It's always great to meet new people and listen to their ideas and concerns. From community events to town hall meetings, I try my best to be present at as many events as possible.

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I enjoyed spending time in Presque Isle County during the annual Posen Potato Festival and participating in the celebration’s parade once again.

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I had a wonderful time in Kalkaska County for Bear Lake Township Fire Department BBQ. What a great turnout!

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I was blessed to help celebrate with Cpl. Lance Holmes as he was awarded the Purple Heart at a surprise ceremony attended by the Gaylord community, including his family, military brothers and sisters, and fellow members of his Marine unit.

Free well water testing now available for Michigan residents

As part of Public Act 166 of 2022, the Michigan Legislature appropriated $5 million to provide free well water testing for Michigan residents who rely on a household or private well for their drinking water.

The Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy will work with local water departments across the state to test private wells for the most common water quality concerns. Some of the most common water quality concerns for private wells include bacteria, nitrates, and harmful metals like arsenic.

Private well owners can contact their local health department or visit to request a sample kit. The website also contains information including contact information for local health departments, well records, and an interactive Water Well Viewer that displays the locations of various water wells across Michigan.

Deer hunting season

Deer hunting season in Michigan is once again almost upon us. It's crucial for hunters to review the necessary requirements before heading out into the field. A full description of hunting dates and regulations in both the Upper and Lower peninsulas can be found here.

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