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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome to the latest edition of my e-newsletter.

Below you’ll find an update on what is going on in your state Capitol.

Thank you for allowing me to represent you in the Michigan Senate. I am grateful each and every day to work for the people of the 17th Senate District.

In Liberty,

Jonathan Lindsey
State Senator
17th District

Lindsey opposes budget based on higher taxes and raiding teacher pension fund

Last year, Democrats spent our state’s $9 billion surplus. Much of it was wasted on novelty projects, handouts to large corporations — in some cases, companies with ties to foreign adversaries like the Communist Party of China — and unnecessary growth of state government.

Not nearly enough spending was directed toward increasing safety in our communities, fixing our failing infrastructure, or lowering the financial burden on our citizens.

This year, without a massive surplus to sustain their drastic overspending, Lansing Democrats have had to get creative. Scrambling to get their hands on every dollar possible, they have built a budget on three dangerous, fiscally irresponsible pillars:

● A $700 million income tax hike.
● Raiding $670 million from the teacher pension fund.
● Increasing the trash tax by more than 1200%.

I reject the Lansing mindset of those who are so addicted to spending YOUR money that they would employ such tactics to fill up the state coffers. I also believe the current budget fails to address many concerns of our citizens or state priorities. My Republican colleagues and I forced votes on amendments that would have improved the budget by reducing negligent spending and repurposing funding to address our state’s most critical needs. The amendments included, among other items, the following:

● Restore funding to veteran housing and make a modest investment in helping veterans access screening for cancers linked to toxic exposure during their service.
Democrats defeated these amendments with 100% of their members voting “no.”

● Shift billions of dollars from Michigan’s corporate handout slush fund and instead invest them in tax relief, infrastructure, or to reduce crime.
Democrats defeated these amendments with 100% of their members voting “no.”

● Prohibit tax dollars going to support illegal immigrants.
Democrats defeated these amendments with 100% of their members voting “no.”

● Remove language that would shut down successful preschool programs across the state.
Democrats defeated this amendment with 100% of their members voting “no.”

● Provide critical funding for a program that protects our vulnerable nursing home residents.
Democrats defeated this amendment with 100% of their members voting “no.”

As the budget process continues, I will advocate for fiscal responsibility and prioritize spending that will serve the people of Michigan.

Senate passes new hate speech bill, Sens. Runestad, Lindsey force change to protect citizens

Democrats in Lansing have recently passed another bill that tramples on your constitutional rights.

Sen. Jim Runestad and I proposed an amendment to this legislation that would guarantee no citizen could be charged with a hate crime for using the “wrong pronouns.” Democrats became incredibly frightened at the prospect of voting against this amendment, so they halted Senate session and rewrote sections of the bill with our amendment inserted. While defeating this bill would have been the ultimate victory, I am proud that we were able to prevent Michigan from going down the path of criminalizing “improper use of pronouns,” a path that has had disastrous consequences elsewhere.

Protecting your inalienable constitutional rights is one of our Legislature's most essential roles, and I will not back down from this fight.

In case you missed it: Dyslexia school screening bills

The Senate has passed two bills, Senate Bills 567 and 568, to enhance childhood dyslexia screenings and ensure more students are proficient in reading.

After our state was shut down during COVID-19, public education began a backslide like we have never seen before. Last year, only 40.9% of Michigan third graders passed the state's English-language arts assessment, the lowest mark in nine years.

I voted for these bills to provide public schools with potential tools to help get kids back on track. Many of our current policies fail to address our educational crisis, but I will continue working to provide every Michigan student with a quality education.

Impact of illegal immigration felt in 17th District

It was very heartbreaking to hear reports that local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies arrested an undocumented migrant from Mexico for allegedly assaulting two girls during a home invasion in Sturgis.

Michiganders are paying the price for the turmoil at the southern border, and the inability of our president and governor to take this issue seriously puts even more people at risk. President Biden is entirely absent, and Gov. Whitmer refuses to acknowledge the severity of this issue.

Instead of fighting for the people of this state, she was spending her time out of state promoting abortion and posting about her new book deal. It's an inconceivable dereliction of duty, and Michigan residents are paying the price.

I will continue fighting to reverse our current path and pushing my colleagues in the Legislature to do everything we can to shield our state from further tragedies.

Lindsey co-sponsors bill to provide special registration plates for women veterans

I had the honor of serving alongside some incredible women during my time in the U.S. Army.

This bill would recognize the service and sacrifice many of these women made for our nation. Undertaking such a charge requires no shortage of valor, perseverance, or courage. Michigan currently allows several special registration plates related to military service, but this would be the first time a plate would allow for special recognition of women who have served our country.

It is a privilege to support this bipartisan bill to honor women veterans.

Local town hall and office hours meeting scheduled for June 3

Speaking with residents about important issues that affect them, our communities, and our state is one of the most important parts of my job as your state Senator.

My office recently scheduled the latest installment of my combined town hall/office hours meeting for Monday, June 3, in Sturgis. The meeting will take place at Oaklawn Terrace Park, 701 S. Nottawa St.

I will provide an update on legislative activity and be available to answer questions, provide information and assistance, and take suggestions on issues affecting families, businesses, and communities in the district.

No appointment is necessary to attend. For more information, or if you are unable to attend the office hour meeting, please feel free to contact my office at 517-373-3543.

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The 17th Senate District

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The 17th state Senate District includes Branch, Cass, and St. Joseph counties, along with parts of Berrien, Calhoun, Jackson and Hillsdale counties.

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