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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest edition of my monthly e-newsletter. As always, I hope you find the news and information below helpful. Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you feel may be interested.

My staff and I are available should you have any thoughts or concerns about state government. Please feel free to contact my office at [email protected] or at 517-373-1777.


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Kevin Daley
State Senator
26th District

A well-earned retirement

I recently presented a state tribute to Bill Rykhus commemorating his retirement from the Lapeer County Historical Society. Under Bill’s guidance as president, the Lapeer County Historical Society soared to new heights. Notably, he championed the Davis Brothers Farm Shop Museum, the venue for the society’s annual Farm Fest from 2005 to 2018 and the establishment of a permanent museum site, providing a fitting home for an extensive collection of artifacts. His commitment to preserving our agricultural history shines brightly through this initiative. Here’s to you, Bill, and the legacy you leave behind!

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Democrats vote to adjourn for the year, leave Lansing early

Democratic majorities in the House and Senate have voted to end the 2023 legislative session. This is the earliest the Legislature has adjourned in the last 55 years.

Democrats have ended all legislative work for the year after 10 months of destructive policies, leaving families, seniors, and small businesses with higher taxes and energy rates.

Rather than setting aside partisanship to work with Republicans and address the problems facing Michigan families, Democrats have adjourned the Legislature historically early. Lawmakers have a responsibility to work together to improve the quality of life for the hardworking people of our state. I voted no on House Concurrent Resolution 10 to end legislative work for the year.

Click this link to listen to and watch my speech where I vehemently expressed my opposition to the early adjournment of session.

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Democrats pass solar power legislation, stripping local control

Respecting local control has been my No. 1 priority in all my time as a legislator. This session, the Democratic majority passed laws that took away authority from city and township governments to zone renewable energy sources. This is bad legislation. Local authorities know what is appropriate for their communities, much better than us in Lansing at the state level. Moreover, all this legislation accomplishes is a less reliable source of energy at a higher cost and less land available for needed farming — potentially leading to dramatic consequences in emergency situations.

Click this link to see my Senate speech where I stood in support of local control and provided an explanation for my no vote on House Bill 5120, part of a renewable energy package Democrats passed during this session.

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Welcoming Thanksgiving

I was recently given the splendid opportunity to pass out turkeys to the people of Genesee County! What a privilege it was to help others enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving meal with their families and friends.

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Financial disclosure bills heading to governor

In 2022, voters approved Proposal 1 by more than 66%, amending the Michigan Constitution to require legislators and statewide officeholders to file an annual financial disclosure report. Senate Bills 613-616 implement Proposal 1’s financial disclosure section.

Together, these bills will require the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, members of the Legislature — and spouses in limited instances — to disclose certain financial information every year.

The bills were passed by the Legislature with bipartisan support and have been sent to the governor for her signature.

Michigan deer firearm season now open

Hunting has been a tradition for many Michigan families for generations. Our state offers vast opportunities for hunters, who play an important role in wildlife conservation and management.

Last year, over 586,000 deer hunters harvested more than 300,000 deer. With regular deer firearm season now open until Nov. 30, I wanted to pass along some useful information. Hunting digests, including the 2023 edition of the Michigan General Hunting Digest from the Department of Natural Resources, feature all current state rules and regulations. It is one of several digests available online that can be downloaded to a smartphone or other personal device for use in the field.

All harvested deer must be reported within 72 hours or before transferring possession of the deer to another person, a processor or taxidermist. You can report a harvest by downloading the Michigan DNR Hunt Fish app or online at

Remember to keep safety in mind. Most hunting-associated injuries and casualties are preventable. I wish you a happy hunting season.

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Help identify black bear dens

As part of their black bear management program, the Department of Natural Resources is asking outdoor enthusiasts to help identify and report black bear dens. Black bears, found in the Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula, typically enter dens in November and December. They tend to select dens in locations with dense vegetation, rock crevices, fallen trees or excavated holes that provide shelter from the elements while still allowing access to fresh air.

When the DNR receives a tip of a possible bear den, biologists will further investigate and decide if the animal is a good candidate for the ongoing bear management project. A bear selected for the program will be sedated and fitted with a collar and ear tags. Biologists will collect information from the bear including the sex, weight, body measurements and reproductive history, before carefully returning the bear to its den, where it will remain throughout the winter months. Wildlife biologists are currently monitoring six bears using radio-tracking equipment.

If you find what you believe is a black bear den, keep a safe distance and avoid disturbing the den or the bears inside. Record the location, using GPS coordinates if possible, and contact one of the following DNR staffers:

• In the Upper Peninsula: Cody Norton at 906-202-3023 or [email protected].
• In the northern Lower Peninsula: Mark Boersen at 989-275-5151 or [email protected].

Learn more about bear management in Michigan at

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Before the war for independence had been fought, before the Declaration of Independence had been signed or the Constitution had been written, the earliest settlers to North America paused to give thanks. This tradition of gratitude has continued for centuries and has become an important part of American culture and marks a season of gratitude and celebration.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

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