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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Just the other day, the governor presented what she called her “What’s Next Address” ahead of the Legislature’s return to session for the fall. Unfortunately, it has become painfully obvious that “what’s next” for the people of Michigan is bad news for their pocketbooks if her narrow Democratic majority continues to railroad their unsustainable, progressive priorities.

On the heels of the highest inflation experienced in four decades, Gov. Whitmer is still fighting to increase income taxes on hardworking families and impose new tax burdens on small businesses and charitable nonprofits. Instead of supporting proven policies put in place to lower taxes, reduce oppressive regulations, invest in infrastructure, and provide access to reliable and affordable energy, the governor is doubling down on radical policies that will do the opposite, crippling economic growth and supercharging inflation.

While Michigan families are sure to be burdened with the costs of higher taxes, more expensive energy and paying more for their groceries, the governor will be doing all she can to continue giving billions of their hard-earned tax dollars in handouts to her favored global corporations and Chinese government-backed companies instead of creating a positive environment in which job creators can thrive and want to invest in our state.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the Legislature or state government, please do not hesitate to contact my office by calling 517-373-0793 or by going to You can also stay up to date with what I am doing in Lansing by following me on Facebook, or on Twitter. I look forward to listening and learning about your priorities and concerns for our state.


Aric Nesbitt
State Senator
District 20

Fighting inflation must be a key priority

For months, Senate Republicans put forward proposals to provide immediate relief for Michigan families struggling with the financial burdens of inflation. Every time one of our proposals came up, Senate Democrats voted it down. It’s quite clear where their priorities lie. Immediate relief was denied to families and Michigan workers, while multinational corporations and Democrat campaign backers were bumped to the front of the line.

Republican tax relief proposals included relief for all seniors rather than a select few, income tax reductions for all Michiganders, and $500 child tax credits to help struggling families. When the state was sitting on a $9 billion surplus, we should have been doing more than talking about a one-time rebate check equaling less than 50 cents per day. Meanwhile, the attorney general is working to limit an automatic income tax rollback that was set into law years ago and would benefit every individual and business throughout our state.

Combined with responsible spending, lower taxes lead to increased economic growth and development which benefits all of the individuals and businesses in Michigan. Sen. Nesbitt will continue prioritizing proposals to provide relief and return taxpayer dollars to all the families, seniors, and individuals who worked hard for their income. It is clear that you and your fellow citizens spend your money far more effectively than the government.

Fighting for affordable, reliable American energy

Over the past several months, Democrats have begun to introduce legislation to rewrite Michigan’s energy strategy. Sadly, this legislation ignores the needs of Michiganders all across our state — creating new problems that will sacrifice the affordability, reliability, and efficiency of our grid at the altar of environmental activism.

Michigan must prioritize a strong energy strategy that focuses on reliable, secure energy generation and storage. We cannot afford to put all of our eggs in one basket and must ensure that our grid is secure and consistent in providing power for residents. Reliable, affordable energy and a healthy environment are not mutually exclusive. We should not rush headfirst into 100% “green” energy without first making sure that we can reliably and affordably produce, store, and deliver power to residents. A strong and secure grid requires continued investment and improvements along with various generation methods, including traditional sources such as natural gas, propane, and nuclear.

It is also absolutely vital that we prioritize energy that we can produce here on American soil, producing American jobs and furthering our national security interests. One way we can do so is by supporting important resource infrastructure such as Line 5 here in Michigan or the Keystone XL pipeline out west. Not only does lessening our reliance on foreign resources strengthen our national security, it also helps grow our economy and lower the cost of living. There is no doubt that energy legislation is a complex topic with many moving parts, but Sen. Nesbitt is committed to working toward solutions that balance reliability, affordability, and long-term efficiency to best serve all of Michigan.

September is National Suicide Prevention Month

Every September, National Suicide Prevention Month is recognized to help raise awareness for individuals facing mental health challenges. Unfortunately, difficulties with mental health are an ongoing issue across our nation, especially in wake of the struggles many faced over the past few years between COVID-19 and economic instabilities.

Several resources covering the 20th Senate District are included below for those who may be facing mental health challenges of their own, or may just need some assistance in a time of difficulty. Please feel free to share these resources with your friends, neighbors, church, or elsewhere in your community:

• National Suicide and Crisis Prevention Hotline: Dial 988
• General Assistance and Crisis Support: or Dial 211
OnPoint: Caring for Allegan County
Berrien County Suicide Prevention Coalition
Kent County Community Mental Health Authority
Van Buren County Community Mental Health Resources

Events across the 20th Senate District

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Sen. Nesbitt helped deliver backpacks to Countryside Academy in Benton Harbor in partnership with AT&T Michigan’s Pioneers program.

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Sen. Nesbitt and the Southwest Michigan Chamber of Commerce hosted a business roundtable in Berrien County to talk about the upcoming legislative session and growing our economy.

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Sen. Nesbitt provided a legislative update at the Van Buren County Farm Bureau’s annual meeting and legislative forum.

Senator Aric Nesbitt
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