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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome to the latest edition of my e-newsletter for 2023.

Below you’ll find an update on what’s happening in your state Capitol and some additional resources I hope you find helpful.

Thank you for allowing me to represent you in the Michigan Senate. I am grateful each and every day to work for the people of the 33rd Senate District.


Rick Outman
State Senator
33rd Senate District

Protecting a permanent tax cut for all Michiganders

I recently voted to help secure meaningful relief for every Michigan taxpayer by protecting an automatic state income tax rate cut. This is a victory for all Michigan families, who will soon see long-term income tax relief because Senate Republicans stood strong against Democrat spending that would have prevented this cut from taking place.

Under a 2015 law, if revenues in Michigan’s general fund increase past a certain point, an automatic and permanent reduction to the state income tax rate is triggered. The House and Senate fiscal agencies estimate that Michigan met that threshold in fiscal year 2022, leading to an expected income tax cut from 4.25% to 4.05%.

If the Democrats’ spending in House Bill 4001 had gone into effect right away, it would have stopped a tax cut for everyone in exchange for a one-time rebate amounting to less than 50 cents a day — and only 25 cents a day per person if you are married. This vote was the first step in our plan to provide real inflation relief. A family of four making $60,000 would only receive a one-time $180 check under the Democrats’ plan. Senate Republicans proposed protecting the permanent tax rollback and establishing a $500 child tax credit. Our plan would provide that same family more than $1,000 in on-going relief every year.

Thankfully, we were able to secure meaningful relief for every taxpayer and allow Michiganders to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Senate Republicans continue to protect life

When Michigan voters approved Proposal 3, they were not voting for unregulated abortions for anyone at any time for any reason. Many voters thought they were just codifying Roe v. Wade into law.

Even with the passage of Proposal 3, voters have shown they still do support basic safety protocols and reasonable limitations.

During a recent vote to repeal Michigan’s 1931 abortion law, I supported amendments that would have strengthened protections for vulnerable women and babies — including protections for children with Down syndrome; support for adoption programs; funding for safe housing, prenatal care, and other pregnancy resources for women in need; and strengthened penalties for partial birth or coerced abortions.

I will do everything possible to protect the sanctity of life.

Spring Turkey Hunting

Spring turkey season runs from April 22 through June 7, and while the spring turkey application period is closed, there are still opportunities to hunt this season.

Hunters who were not selected in the drawing may purchase a leftover turkey license from any license agent, online at, or through the Michigan DNR Hunt Fish app, on a first-come, first-served basis for a one-week period beginning at 10 a.m. on March 13.

Hunters who did not enter the drawing can purchase leftover licenses or a Hunt 0234 license beginning at 10 a.m. on March 20. The Hunt 0234 license is a guaranteed license that offers hunters flexible hunting options between May 6-31. This license has no quota and can be purchased throughout the entire spring turkey hunting season.

Learn more about this hunt and season dates in the 2023 Spring Turkey Digest.

Anti-gun legislation introduced: Outman committed to protecting Second Amendment rights

Anti-Second Amendment bills have been introduced in the state Senate. I want to be clear that I am standing firm against the latest wave of anti-gun legislation being proposed.

The newly introduced legislation would impose significant restrictions on law-abiding citizens’ right to bear arms, while doing little to address the root causes of gun violence in our society. At a time when our country is facing unprecedented levels of crime and violence, it is imperative that we protect the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families.

We need to address the root causes of violence in our society, such as mental health issues, poverty, and lack of opportunity, rather than targeting law-abiding citizens and their constitutional rights. We must also hold criminals accountable when they break the law.

I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and I will do everything I can to protect our constitutional rights.

Recognizing our agriculture industry

March is designated as Michigan Food and Agriculture Month. We should celebrate our state’s incredible agriculture industry year-round, but it’s good to be reminded about its importance.

Agriculture and related businesses employ more than 800,000 people and contribute more than $1 billion to the Michigan economy every year — and it all starts with our family farms across the state.

Please join me in celebrating the hardworking farmers across the state who help keep food on our plates!

March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month is a great time to recognize all of the important benefits of instilling a love for reading in children. Reading improves brain and memory function, increases vocabulary and comprehension, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, reduces stress, and improves sleep patterns. Reading is contagious and the effects are cumulative.

I stopped in to read at Trinity Lutheran Elementary and Seiter Education Center and am planning some more visits throughout the month of March.

I always enjoy visiting a classroom of eager youngsters and sharing with them my love of reading. I hope these visits encourage more kids to crack open a book and let their imaginations run wild!

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Outman welcomes special guest to Lansing!

Welcoming students to the state Capitol is one of my favorite and most rewarding parts of the job. I always enjoy seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces as they see the beauty of our state Capitol for the first time.

I recently had a special visitor from outside of the district, however — my nephew, Wyatt. Wyatt and his class visited Lansing and I was happy to stop in and say hello, visit and answer some questions from curious students.

It was great to take a break from a busy day and say hello to Wyatt and his friends!

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Outman participates in Nonprofit Association legislative day

I welcomed many area nonprofit organizations from the 33rd District during the Michigan Nonprofit Association’s legislative day in Lansing.

Michigan’s nonprofits do amazing work in communities across the state and are a tremendously valuable asset.

During the event, I ran into Bridget Clark Whitney, founding CEO and president of Kids’ Food Basket. I am happy to help Bridget, and other organizations promote the great work they do!

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Pure Michigan travel guide now available

The 2023 Pure Michigan Spring/Summer Travel Guide features stunning sites, exciting places to visit and fun activities to experience all around the Great Lakes state. Whether your summer plans include the Great Lakes shoreline, golfing or a craft beer tour, the Pure Michigan Travel Guide is a great place to start. The publication includes regional highlights and inspiration for every traveler.

The travel guide is available to download for free.

Michigan's 33rd Senate District

Michigan’s 33rd Senate District now includes Montcalm and Newaygo counties, along with parts of Ionia, Lake, Kent, Muskegon and Ottawa counties.

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