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Governor vetoes plan to provide relief at the pump

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As gas prices continue to rise, families across the state are struggling to fill up their cars. That is why I supported House Bill 5570, which would have suspended the state’s excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel.

The bill would have saved Michiganders 27 cents per gallon at the pump, or $750 million over six months. Sadly, this is the second recent effort to provide relief to struggling families that the governor has vetoed. A bipartisan plan to cut income taxes for everyone in Michigan, provide families with a $500 per child tax credit, and protect more income for our seniors, was also vetoed.

Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature are finding ways to work together to help Michigan families. I hope the administration will join us.

New Boating and Fishing Update available

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Boating and fishing are not only great ways to relax and spend time with family and friends, they also contribute billions of dollars to the state economy.

By spending your vacation dollars in Michigan, you help support many small businesses and local communities. I am pleased to offer you a revised Boating and Fishing Update, which includes legislative news, license information and more.

As always, I welcome your ideas on ways to preserve Michigan’s aquatic heritage.

You can download your free copy at

Farm to school video series

The Michigan Department of Education has developed a series of videos for anyone interested in learning about bringing fresh local foods to schools and early childcare centers. The video series is available free of charge on YouTube and covers a wide range of topics including local sourcing, school gardens, food safety and more.

For more information about the Michigan Farm to School program, or to view the videos please click here.

Statewide education job fairs

The Michigan Department of Education has announced three upcoming statewide job fairs. Each job fair is free of charge for traditional local school districts, intermediate school districts, public school academies, educator staffing agencies, as well as all job-seeking candidates.

The fairs will take place on:

• May 11 – Lansing (campus of Lansing Community College West)
• June 7 – Virtual
• Aug. 11 – Livonia (campus of Schoolcraft College)

For more information or to register, please visit the MDE Education Workforce Job Fairs website.

Become a DNR volunteer

Each year, more than 5,000 volunteers join forces with DNR employees to protect and restore Michigan’s natural resources. Every spring, the DNR hosts events at state parks and recreation areas to clean up these areas after the long, harsh winter. Events continue each month with year-round opportunities to visit these sites and help conserve and protect Michigan’s natural and cultural resources.

For more information, to register or to see a full calendar of events, visit the DNR’s Get Involved page.

McBroom votes to approve distribution of opioid settlement

The Michigan Senate approved legislation to receive and distribute Michigan’s share of a nationwide opioid settlement for the next 18 years.

Michigan is set to receive nearly $800 million in opioid settlement payments from three major pharmaceutical distributors, Cardinal, McKesson, and AmerisourceBergen, along with opioid manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.

The national agreement is the result of years of negotiations to resolve more than 4,000 claims of alleged misuse and abuse of opioid products and is the second largest multistate agreement in U.S. history, second only to the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.

Senate Bill 993, would create the Michigan Opioid Healing and Recovery Fund to receive dollars from the national opioid settlement or any future opioid case. It would fund abatement practices and support for opioid use disorder and substance use disorder or mental health treatment and related efforts as required by the settlement.

SB 994 would create the Opioid Advisory Commission within the Legislative Council to annually review local, state, and federal initiatives and activities related to education, prevention, treatment, and services for people and families affected by substance use disorders and make funding and legislative recommendations to the Legislature.

SB 995 would create the Opioid Liability Litigation Act to fulfill the terms of the settlement agreement.

The bills now move to the Michigan House for consideration.

Autism Awareness Month

April is National Autism Awareness Month.

It is estimated that autism affects 1 in 44 children in the United States today. Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, includes a broad range of developmental disorders that can include challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication.

Every person with autism can be affected in a different way and have a unique set of strengths and challenges. National Autism Awareness Month is an opportunity to foster understanding and acceptance by sharing the diverse stories of people with autism and to help create a world where everyone can reach their full potential.

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