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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome to the latest edition of my e-newsletter.

Below you’ll find an update on what’s happening in your state Capitol and some additional resources I hope you find helpful.

Thank you for allowing me to represent you in the Michigan Senate. I am grateful each and every day to work for the people of the 34th Senate District.


Roger Hauck
State Senator
34th Senate District

Senate Republicans introduce plan to 'Grow MI State'

I joined my colleagues in the Senate Republican caucus in introducing a package of bills aimed at rolling back red tape, restoring worker freedoms, and boosting economic growth in Michigan.

The “Grow MI State” economic development plan includes legislation to:

• Make it easier to do business in Michigan by ensuring state regulations are not stricter than those imposed by the federal government, requiring an annual review of all state agency rules to make sure they are still necessary, and forcing bureaucrats to receive approval from the Legislature before imposing costly regulations.

• Help people plant their roots in Michigan by improving licensing reciprocity in over 40 occupations for people from nurses and doctors to barbers and accountants and investing more in apprenticeship scholarships to expand Michigan’s skilled trades workforce.

• End corporate slush funds and reinvest in Michiganders by stopping cash payments to corporations and investing in desperately needed bridge repairs.

• Restore worker freedom to allow workers to decide for themselves whether they want to join a union and let job providers know Michigan is open for business again. I was a union member for three decades, and we never once needed a state mandate to boost membership. We showed our worth and didn’t rely on the state to force people to join. Right to work not only closed that door and propped up unions who don’t do their jobs, it also closed the door on the opportunity to fill more positions and get Michiganders back to work.

We have seen government programs that hand out taxpayer dollars like candy fail to net the promised results time after time. It’s time we end these programs that allow corporations to treat our state budget like their own private piggy bank and focus on what we know works — eliminating burdensome regulations, lowering taxes, and getting rid of hurdles that stand in the way of people getting jobs.

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Help prevent the spread of invasive pests

This spring and summer as we head outdoors to hike, camp, or even plant a garden, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is asking for our help in preventing the spread of invasive plants and other pests.

Undetected pests are easily spread by hitching rides on outdoor gear, vehicles and untreated firewood, or hiding in or on plants, soil, seeds and fresh produce. These invasive species can have devastating effects on native plants and animals, competing with them for limited resources and altering their natural habitats.

There are simple ways to help limit the spread of invasive species:

• Learn to spot invasive pests that might pose a threat to agriculture in your area. Report signs of invasive plant pests and diseases at
• Purchase heat-treated firewood or buy wood where you burn it.
• When traveling, be aware of the pests that live in the area you are visiting and be sure not to bring them home with you. If you will be traveling internationally, always declare food, plants and other agricultural items to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Check out MDARD’s Buggin’ Out video series for information about invasive species, beneficial insects, pest management, and more.

Democrats vote to weaken election integrity

The Democratic majority in the Michigan Senate passed sweeping election reforms that remove fraud, mistakes, and ballot tampering, among other things, as reasons to request a recount of election results.

Senate Bills 603 and 604 would prohibit local officials from investigating potential fraud, illegal activity, or even ballot tampering during a recount by deleting current provisions in Michigan election law that give this authority to the bipartisan county boards of canvassers.

I opposed these bills and will continue to fight for secure and honest elections.

Transportation Career Pathways Program

Do you know a young person who is interested in a career in the transportation sector? The Michigan Department of Transportation has launched its Transportation Career Pathways Program, a unique, paid internship opportunity to gain on-the-job experience in transportation careers at MDOT.

The program runs from May through September. Participants gain hands-on experience exploring various career paths, including transportation maintenance worker, transportation technician and skilled trades helper positions while earning up to $17.50 an hour.

Participants must be at least 18 years old and have a driver’s license. For more information and to apply, visit

Military Appreciation Month

May is National Military Appreciation Month, a time to recognize and honor the brave men and women of our nation's armed forces. This month offers a special occasion to honor the sacrifices made by men and women in uniform to protect our freedom here at home.

For more information on upcoming ceremonies and activities to honor veterans and military families, please visit the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency events calendar at 

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